thermal insulation high-speed door is a professional industrial factory pvc rolling fast door,sealing is good ,best save energy function and installed in -10 degree workshop .As China’s economy develops faster and faster, the pace of integration with the world has also accelerated. Some time ago, a well-known mushroom plantation in France bought SEPPES ordinary high-speed insulation doors.

thermal insulation high-speed door

The insulated industrial high speed door is economical and affordable, and is completely customized according to the requirements of French customers. As we all know, mushroom growing areas require a humid environment, and constant temperature is also a necessary condition for mushroom growth. In order to ensure the rapid growth of mushrooms, it is necessary to install electric high speed door insulated doors.

thermal insulation high-speed door

The biggest feature of this cold storage high speed door is that it can be installed in an environment of -10 degrees, and it can also play a very good role in insulation. For factory doors, generally in addition to improving the environment and alleviating traffic pressure. Insulation is also required by many factory customers.

thermal insulation high-speed door

How does the SEPPES pvc high speed door keep warm?

1. The curtain adopts a double thickness of 3mm+0.9mm (the air flow loop is formed in the middle), and the curtain is fully sealed

2. The door curtain is sealed with a brush for perfect connection

3. The door can be opened quickly to prevent the loss of energy

In addition, for the convenience of the plant staff, in addition to the push button switch and the control box, our company also provided him with a rope switch for the opening method of the pvc fabric high speed door. SEPPES sells -10 degree thermal insulation high speed flexible doors not only for profit, but also for a win-win situation. While gaining profits, it also brings benefits to the factory.

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