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Nowadays, Fast roller shutter doors are widely used in various industries in the factory workshop. In the manufacture of automobile bodies, it can not only improve efficiency, but also keep the environment safe and clean. I will introduce the advantages of fast roller shutter door in detail in this article.

fast roller shutter door

Advantages of Fast Roller Shutter Door applied on the Body Shop Production Line

Quick Switch

The curtain is made of light-weight and wear-resistant PVC material. The professional servo system controls the door curtain to open and close quickly, which makes the high-speed door very suitable for the production line in the body shop. Help isolate the external environmental pollution and noise of the workshop. And it reduces the impact of external factors on production and manufacturing.

Windproof and Dustproof

During production, large amounts of dust and wind can be generated, which can have a negative impact on the efficiency and safety of the production line. The integrated door box design of the fast door can prevent dust from entering through small gaps. Through the use of fast rolling doors, the interference of these factors can be effectively reduced, thereby improving the efficiency and safety of the production line.

Automatic Linkage

The fast door has a variety of opening methods, such as manual buttons, radar, geomagnetism, access control cards, pull ropes, etc. The opening method can be selected according to the needs of the production line, and it can be used in conjunction with other equipment. This intelligent linkage can improve production efficiency and make the body manufacturing line easier and faster.

Easy to maintain

The structure of the fast door is simple, with an integrated door box structure and a detachable door curtain design. This makes them easy to clean and maintain. The use cost of the application on the workshop production line is reduced and the cost is saved.

fast roller shutter door

In conclusion, fast roller shutter door has many advantages in the car body production line. Not only it can improve production efficiency and safety, prevent wind and dust. Also it can realize the automation and intelligence of the production process, and the maintenance is relatively simple. Therefore, the use of high speed doors on the body shop production line is a very advantageous choice. If you want to choose a suitable fast door, enterprises and factories should carefully consider these advantages, and choose and customize fast doors according to their needs.

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