In 2021, China’s biomedicine market will become the world’s second largest biomedicine market. Countries also attach great importance to this industry, vigorously support innovative biotechnology companies, and cultivate biomedicine as a new economic growth point. In the future, my country’s The development of biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry will be great. Among the country, Suzhou is one of the three strongest industrial cities in China. In the first half of the year, the production of biopharmaceuticals has increased by six times. This is amazing and the output has increased. So, the efficiency also has to be improved. Human efficiency is limited, so if you want to improve efficiency again, you can only improve from equipment. The environment of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry is special. It is not as casual as ordinary industrial production. The requirements for the environment are also very harsh, and the volume control cannot be greater than 60. -65DB. Ordinary industrial doors certainly cannot take care of all aspects. In fact, in some industrially developed countries abroad, the local government stipulates that fast rolling doors must be used for medicines. China started late on fast rolling doors, but it has developed Soon, more and more biopharmaceutical manufacturing industries choose to use 304ss high speed rolling doors.

There are many advantages of PVC high speed doors. Among them, speed is the first priority. How fast, 1-1.5 meters per second, can quickly isolate external dust, play a role of rapid isolation, and maintain the original indoor temperature, not only It is fast and safe. It is equipped with standard safety protection devices and is sensitive to ensure that personnel will not be harmed during use. Use 500-800 times a day to switch on and off to meet the needs of frequent opening. Imported brand motor, precise control, perfect and stable operation. PVC door curtains are abrasion-resistant and impact-resistant, and have full sealing. Automatic integrated laser cutting stainless steel door frame, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, technical aesthetics structure technology, combined assembly, beautiful and durable, and optional explosion-proof control box, it is really necessary equipment in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

There are so many fast rolling door manufacturers in China, it is definitely difficult for you to choose. Here we recommend SEPPES Door Industry, a well-known brand manufacturer in the industrial equipment industry, one door, one code, lifetime service, 7 days and 12 hours online, product positioning middle and high-end, Not only the development speed is fast, the quality is also very good, the performance is stable, and the quality is reliable. The company has been established for nine years now. The first customer who visited back that year learned that our first door is still in normal use. We firmly believe that the Seppes fast door must be used for more than ten years. Let us Witness together.

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