high performance doors

As a top 500 global company renowned for scientific research and laboratory equipment, Thermo Fisher Scientific understands the critical role of efficient logistics and equipment transportation in maintaining business operations. To optimize their processes, ensure safety, and uphold quality standards, Thermo Fisher and other industry leaders rely on high performance doors technology as a vital component of their facility and logistics management.

high performance doors

Enhancing Logistics Efficiency

Within Thermo Fisher’s laboratories and production facilities, high-speed doors are extensively employed for cargo access and internal partitions. These doors boast a rapid opening and closing mechanism, reaching speeds of up to 1.5m/s, which enables quick response to logistics demands. Whether it’s moving goods out of the warehouse or delivering raw materials to the production line, high-speed doors efficiently open and close, saving time and streamlining logistics processes. Additionally, these doors minimize the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor areas, ensuring a consistent temperature environment and safeguarding sensitive products and samples.

Ensuring Safety and Quality Control

Thermo Fisher places paramount importance on strict safety and quality controls in its laboratory and production environments. High-speed doors are equipped with safety photoelectric sensors and a safety bottom edge, enabling precise detection of people and objects. They automatically halt or reverse movement to prevent collisions and injuries. Furthermore, the airtight performance of high-speed doors prevents the ingress of dust, moisture, and pollutants, preserving the cleanliness and quality of laboratory and production spaces.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness

As a global enterprise committed to sustainable development and environmental protection, Thermo Fisher embraces fast door technology as an integral part of their energy-saving initiatives. The rapid opening and closing speed of these doors significantly reduces the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, leading to reduced energy consumption. Moreover, high-performance doors offer excellent sealing and sound insulation properties, effectively mitigating noise and vibration transmission. By enhancing the working environment and employee comfort, these doors contribute to a greener and more pleasant workspace.

high performance doors

Thermo Fisher’s Success: A Model for Others

Thermo Fisher’s position as a Fortune 500 company attests to their understanding of the significance of efficient logistics and equipment transportation. By leveraging high-performance door technology, Thermo Fisher has not only improved logistics efficiency and ensured safety and quality control but also achieved notable energy savings and environmental benefits. Serving as a model for other enterprises, Thermo Fisher’s success reinforces the value of high-performance doors in enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring top-notch quality. Beyond laboratory and production environments, this technology holds substantial potential for logistics and facility management across diverse industries, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of enterprises.

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