The loading and unloading dock leveler is a very easy to see structure in the modern logistics field. It is a loading and unloading auxiliary equipment that can be combined with the storage dock leveler. It can be adjusted in height or down according to different heights of the truck compartment, which is convenient for forklifts to enter the compartment. The flip lip hydraulic dock leveler is the most commonly used type, which can ensure fast and smooth cargo loading and unloading. When in use, the dock leveler and the lip board are lifted together, and then the lip board is turned over and opened, and then the dock leveler is lifted to the same height as the freight vehicle. You can start loading and unloading. When loading and unloading is complete, raise the dock leveler and lower the lip to restore the dock leveler to its original position. The dock levelercan be either buried or suspended according to site conditions.

The Seppes loading and unloading dock leveler is used together with the handling forklift and the stacker, which simply and effectively solves the height difference between the loading and unloading dock leveler and the truck. With the help of the hydraulic loading and unloading dock leveler, the forklift can directly drive into the car compartment for batch loading and unloading operations. Single-person operation, without power supply, realizes the safe and rapid loading and unloading of goods, speeds up the flow of materials, and can reduce the slow loading and unloading of goods and the busy logistics. Alleviate the situation of warehouse explosion, cargo stacking, and warehouse turmoil, and reduce the burden of logistics more economically.

Performance characteristics of Seppes loading and unloading dock leveler:

   1. Full hydraulic drive, easy operation and reliable operation.

  2. The lip plate and the dock leveler are connected by a whole long shaft, which has high strength and good reliability.

  3. Imported seals are used to ensure that the hydraulic system has excellent sealing performance.

  4. Imported integral modular hydraulic station is adopted, which has good sealing performance and long service life.

  5. The high-strength “U”-shaped beam design can ensure that it will not be deformed during long-term operation under high load.

   6. The anti-skid pattern steel plate is used to make the dock leveler have good anti-skid performance. There are anti-rolling skirt boards on both sides to prevent accidental injuries caused by toes reaching into the platform.

  7. There are support rods to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel when entering the boarding bridge for internal maintenance.

   8. Equipped with guide posts, so that the truck must reverse in the direction of the wheel guide posts when reversing, which can effectively prevent the vehicle from hitting the equipment on the side and causing damage.

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