Sectionals doors are widely suitable for industrial and commercial areas and are popular for their convenience, durability and safety. However, the small door design in the sectional door panel of this product is often overlooked. Today I will discuss with you why people install a small door in the sectional door panel.

sectional door

The reasons for the small door in the sectional door panel:

Maintenance and repair

Sectional doors require regular maintenance to ensure their normal operation. To make it easier for technicians to access the inside of the door to perform maintenance work, a small door can be designed to make it easier for them to enter without having to fully open the door.

Convenient to move around and simple to operate

By installing a small door on the door panel. The door can be opened and closed conveniently without using a wide range of lifting movements every time. It is very suitable for many warehouses that require thermal insulation and wind resistance. When taking small items or inventory items, you can open the door-in-door freely. In and out, opening it too frequently will affect the service life of the door. This design can also improve work efficiency to a certain extent.

Reduce downtime

If the door malfunctions or needs repair, technicians can quickly enter through the small door, thereby reducing downtime and quickly repairing the problem.

security considerations

The wicket design reduces safety risks for technicians when performing maintenance and repairs because they can enter through the wicket without having to fully open the liftgate. The usual size of the small door is 800*2100; the size of the small window is 600*300, which can provide a good view of indoor and outdoor conditions, and when the small door is open, the lifting door cannot be opened. This can also ensure the safety of people and goods entering and exiting.

sectional door

To sum up, although the small door in the lifting door seems insignificant, its function and design are of great significance to improving the safety, work efficiency and aesthetics of the place. For special places, it may be the passage of life when necessary.

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