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Which kinds of doors are most popular in food factories?

The famous food factory in Suzhou produces snacks such as pastries, confectionery, starch products and so on. The products produced by Want Want Group have numerous fans. While ensuring the delicious snacks, we also pay great attention to the cleanliness of the production environment.Want Want Group’s production workshop fast door uses the industrial door produced by Seppes, which can run smoothly at high speed to effectively isolate indoor and outdoor air convection, reduce dust pollution and other problems.

yellow fast door

PVC fast door product parameters:

1. Door size: fast doors with high-speed opening can be customized within 25 square meters.

2. Control electric box: multi-turn absolute value servo system, reducing the position of the door body, the safety protection response is sensitive and fast.

3. Control motor: Imported industrial high-level national Phillips motor, which can operate stably, save energy and save operation.

4. Door curtain color: yellow, blue, red, etc. can be customized. The yellow color is bright and can play a reminder.

5. Transparent windows: transparent windows can be selected to enhance indoor lighting and facilitate observation of work by staff.

6. Sealing material: It is sealed with rubber strips to prevent freezing, moisture and water penetration.


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