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PVC High Speed Door

PVC high speed door

Modern clean room fast doors are generally used in advanced production workshops and clean rooms, and require relatively high installation requirements.

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SEPPES Cold Room Door

Thermal insulation door

The heat preservation and energy saving internal fast door in the fast cold chain logistics area helps to save energy, reduce air convection and reduce noise.

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Global industry door production

Make smart factories more efficient

The fast door is a high-speed operation, frequently used factory industrial door, made of PVC, with transparent windows and safe photoelectric. It can be installed in different environments to meet the needs of customers’ workshops. It has the functions of dustproof, heat preservation, moisture proof, insect proof, antifreeze, protection, anti-theft and so on.

  • Factory use
  • 3x3m or customized
  • Open fast(1.2-2.0m/s)
  • Save energy
  • Easy installation
  • Wooden case package
Our Door

Application factory scene

Food industry, cold chain industry, breeding plant, industrial precision instrument manufacturing

We produce industrial PVC , aluminum, steel door according to factory installation condition and sizes, which meets the needs of our customers

  • Standard
  • Zipper seal
    Zipper seal
  • Thermal insulation
    Thermal insulation
  • Large size and strong wind resistance
    Large size and strong wind resistance
  • Aluminum door panel
    Aluminum door panel
  • Anti-theft

Seppes fast door, high-end product, used for factory dustproof, insect proof, heat preservation, anti-theft, quick use, make the factory’s internal environment not only beautiful, but also more efficient.

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    More than Doors

    Various color from Ral

    Blue is a classic color, and bright colors have a good insect-proof effect. We can also customize the color according to the customer’s RAL requirements.

    • RAL-9010
    • RAL-5005
    • RAL-1003
    • RAL-3002
    • RAL-9006
    • RAL-2004