The automatic stereo library combines different types of intelligent control systems to realize the automatic storage function. Automatic three-dimensional library linkage fast door

The use of soft fast doors in the automatic three-dimensional warehouse transmission workstation can be linked to the entire automatic three-dimensional library control system, which reduces storage and transportation costs, reduces labor intensity, and improves the utilization rate of warehouse space.connected with PLC or AGV (E-forklift),make the delivery and produce totally automatic,reduce the workers labor cost,make the production efficient 5-10 times improvement.

The fast door was put into use in the automatic three-dimensional warehouse transmission station. The curtain is made of soft PVC base cloth and a small transparent window is opened. The working status in the warehouse can be clearly seen outside the transmission station. The fast door can also be linked with the three-dimensional library system. When the fast door receives a signal, it will automatically open and close. The door track of the fast door uses a PVC brush holder, and the holder does not have any metal nails, which protects the smooth use of the door and is convenient for replacement.

Parameters of SEPPES fast Door:

1. Door structure: The door frame is made of high-strength anti-oxidation aluminum alloy with a thickness of 3.5mm. The door cover is made of cold-rolled steel plate with gray high-quality plastic powder paint, which is more atmospheric. The surface is treated by high temperature powder spraying. Strong weather resistance.

2. Door curtain material: use 0.9-1.2mm high-strength polyester fiber double-sided self-cleaning wear-resistant base fabric, the curtain color can be multiple choices (normally blue, green, white, orange, transparent, etc.)

3. Switching speed: 0.8-1.2 meters per second, customized up to 1.5-2.0meters per second. (Adjustable) It can be switched manually when the power fails, and an emergency reserve power supply can be selected.

4. Safety device: There is an emergency stop button on the control panel. In case of emergency, pressing the button can make the door stop running immediately. Standard infrared safety photoelectric, as long as it slightly touches people and vehicles, it will stop and close immediately, and automatically roll up in the opposite direction to ensure that when pedestrians and vehicles pass by, they will be closed again.

5.Two years warranty .Make sure your servo motor without any problems,even you meet ,online technical support and the simple error code display on the control box will make the maintain much more easier.
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