cold storage high speed door

Cold storage thermal insulation high speed  door

The heat preservation and energy saving internal fast door in the fast cold chain logistics area helps to save energy, reduce air convection and reduce noise.

The structure design of the soft curtain anti-collision fast door is simple, which is conducive to stable operation, reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement of vulnerable parts, and effectively improves the durability and service life of the equipment. The curtain can derail in the event of an accidental impact, and during the ascent Automatic reset, no need for manual repair and reset during the whole process. Both sides of the column contain heating devices. The structural design of this product is characterized by more than 150,000 trouble-free operations per year. It has the characteristics of the highest practicality and the lowest maintenance cost.

The thermal insulation performance of cold storage doors mainly depends on the thermal insulation capacity and operating speed of the door.

1. The high-speed cold storage door adopts two layers of 0.8mm base fabric and two layers of 6.5mm thick surface with aluminum foil between the two layers of insulation materials to meet the requirements of the cold storage door heat insulation. The unique zipper structure makes the door more sealed between the guide rails. The U-shaped guide rail design can more effectively prevent air from penetrating into the cold storage. This heat sealing system has an excellent heat insulation effect and reduces heat exchange (air convection) , It limits the energy loss of the cold storage door and improves the heat preservation performance.

2. In terms of speed, the opening speed of the high-speed cold storage door is 1.5-2.5 m/s, and the closing speed is 0.5-1.5 m/s. Because it is a sliding high-speed cold storage door, the total height of the existing door opening is 2.5 meters. The company’s fast cold storage door opens and closes for about 2 seconds each time, plus the delay time for the goods to pass through the door opening (generally, the delay is set at 5 seconds), and it takes about 7 seconds to complete a goods passage, and the speed of the electric lift door is usually only 0.25m/s, each time the goods enter and exit the cold storage, the door is opened, closed, plus the waiting time for passing a total of about 30 seconds. It can be clearly seen that the opening and closing speed of the door determines the opening time of the door opening. The company’s fast cold storage door greatly reduces the opening time of the door opening, controls air convection, reduces hot air entering the cold storage, and reflects the shutter’s ability to control running cold and heat preservation. Fast cold storage doors reduce additional cooling measures to supplement the energy lost by the use of general electric industrial sliding doors.

The user considers that the second important factor is the extremely high safety of using fast cold storage doors. Safety is the prerequisite for the survival and development of enterprises. For door openings that are open for a long time (using electric industrial sliding doors as an example), heat exchange will be The energy loss caused by it is easy to form convective hot and cold air masses. The high temperature side of the doorway will produce fog, and the low temperature side will be frosted and iced. The formation of ice crystals will become a major hidden danger to the maintenance and safety of cold storage. Slippery ground will cause forklift pedestrians to slip or fall, which is very detrimental to the protection of goods and pedestrians. After using the company’s fast cold storage door.

Due to the short opening time, this situation is greatly improved. In addition, the heat-sealing system of the shutter is heated by electric heating wires, which can prevent frost and ice around and reduce safety hazards.

    When closing the door, it can sense the presence of obstacles and open automatically to prevent pinching. Various auxiliary equipment options, such as virtual windows and alarm systems, can alert past forklifts or pedestrians to potential safety hazards. It can be seen from many negative aspects that customers who choose this high-security fast cold storage door product are not only responsible for the safety of employees, but also a guarantee for better development of the enterprise.

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