fast door
SEPPES brush type PVC high speed door overview
size(mm): W2500xH2500(customized according to customer requirements)
material of door curtain : Frence imported PVC curtain
color : yellow,red,blue,white,grey(optional)
thickness of door curtain(mm): 1.0mm
Material of Brush  : nylon
thickness of Rail (mm) : 2.0mm galvanized
Track cover  : painted steel (optional aluminium alloy orSS 304)
level of wind resistance (m²): 6
opening speed(m/s) : 1.2,up to 2.0m/s
temperature  diference : within 20 degrees of door inside and outside
Voltage: 220V 50Hz(customized according to customer’s country)
dimension (L*W*H/mm): 600X800X3500
 weight(kg): 300


HSD-180 High-speed doors is called PVC high speed door, fast door ,rapid door, which is a kind of door curtain with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as the material of barrier-free isolation door, this kind of door mainly uses in industrial applications. It offers a higher operating speed due to its light weight and durable construction. Connected with PLC and AGV line port which can open automatically. Optional device is Radar sensor ,pull switch ,loop induction and so on. It is normally used in clean plant channel with different devices. Keep plant clean and hygiene. Makes your factory more intelligent and save the labor-cost!