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Seppes Brush Type High Speed Door

SEPPES brush type PVC high speed door overview size(mm): W2500xH2500(customized according to customer requirements) material of door curtain : Frence imported PVC curtain color : yellow,red,blue,white,grey(optional) thickness of door curtain(mm): 1.0mm Material of Brush  : nylon thickness of Rail (mm) : 2.0mm galvanized Track cover  : painted steel (optional aluminium alloy orSS 304) level of wind resistance (m²): 6 opening speed(m/s) : 1.2,up to 2.0m/s temperature  diference : within 20 degrees of door inside and outside Voltage: 220V 50Hz(customized according to customer's country) dimension (L*W*H/mm): 600X800X3500  weight(kg): 300   HSD-180 High-speed doors is called PVC high speed door, fast door ,rapid door, which is a kind of door curtain with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as the material of barrier-free isolation door, this kind of door mainly uses in industrial applications. It offers a higher operating speed due to its light weight and durable construction. Connected with PLC and AGV line port which can open automatically. Optional device is Radar sensor ,pull switch ,loop induction and so on. It is normally used in clean plant channel with different devices. Keep plant clean and hygiene. Makes your factory more intelligent and save the labor-cost! Send request ΔRead more

Seppes Thermal Insulation Fast Door

Feature of Seppes Thermal Insulation Fast Door Seppes Thermal Insulation Fast Door is a kind of quick door commonly used in food factories and pharmaceutical factories, mainly because the door meets the effect of fast opening of the plant and low temperature antifreeze, which not only saves energy loss for the factory but also improves work efficiency. First, let me briefly introduce the 7 major features of our door. 1.Thermal insulation The multi-layer thickened door curtain is equipped with special insulation materials inside, which can effectively isolate the temperature between the inside and the outside and significantly reduce the heat transfer. 2.Tightness There are double-row brushes or a rubber-clamped seal inside the track, which separates the air from the two parts, cools the inside and heats the outside, and promotes a good thermal insulation environment. 3.Wind resistance The door curtain is equipped with aluminum alloy wind resistance material, windproof, impact and pressure resistance, so that the beauty of the door curtain is more integrated, which is both good-looking and practical. 4.Drive The internal device has a refined motor, which has higher accuracy, greater power and extremely fast speed increase. 5.Freezing resistance Customers can choose to assemble rail heating system devices to avoid sometimes freezing and condensation. 6.Security All series are equipped with infrared security sensor system as standard, not only that, but also optional wireless security bottom edge. 7.Frame material Using SUS304 stainless steel frame and parts, it is corrosion resistant and easy to clean, more suitable for cold storage environment.   We have three styles of commonly used fast doors. Today I will briefly introduce them. 3  Styles Seppes Thermal Insulation Fast Door Our three commonly used heat preservation fast doors are newly developed to meet the needs of customers.(Painted steel seppes thermal insulation fast door,304 stainless steel seppes thermal insulation fast door ,316 stainless steel seppes thermal insulation fast door ) Not only meets the customer's design and installation requirements, but also retains the customer's additional economic losses. waterproof control box   Painted Steel Seppes Thermal Insulation Fast Door Painted steel thermal insulation fast door is our standard [...]Read more

Seppes 304 Stainless Steel Fast Door

Seppes Fast Doors (with 304 stainless steel door fram) In order to meet the needs of the client company, we have developed a new product —304 stainless steel fast door, which can be opened quickly and frequently, but also can maintain the cleanliness of the workshop, and has the functions of corrosion resistance and friction resistance. In term …

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Seppes Zipper-structure high speed door

Seppes Zipper-structure high speed door size(mm): W2100xH1800(customized according to customer requirements) thickness of door curtain(mm) : 1.2(optional) color : yellow,red,blue,white,grey(optional) thickness and material of door frame(mm): 2.0 mm thickness stainless steel(optional) thickness of The door head box (mm) : 1 Side panel of door head compartment's thickness(mm) : 5 thickness of the motor cover(mm) : 1 Self extinguishing level: Class 2 level of wind resistance (m²): 8 opening speed (m/s): 0.6-2.0about opening 500-800times every day. Power (kw): 0.75 Voltage: 220V 50Hz(customized according to customer's country) Machine dimension (L*W*H/mm): 1000*1000*3500 Machine weight(kg): 350 Protection grade: IP54 Motor brand: Frog pupil Zipper brand: Shanghai Structure : Zipper or rubber (optional) SEPPES HSD-140 zipper high speed door with unique zipper -structure .Design and integrated sealed door body can both reduce minimize the loss of energy consumption and provide efficient logistics entrances and exits to keep the original Temperature conditions and cleanliness of the building's interior space.Zipper high speed door's curtain part is without any metal parts to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel and high speed zipper door has excellent self-wind resistance performance. At the same time, it has a self-repairing function (SEPPES patented technology), even The door curtain is derailed from the track (such as being hit by a forklift, etc.).The curtain will re-track automatically in the next operating cycle.Sectional view of rubber structure. We will answer your email shortly! ΔRead more