high performance doors
2024年5月15日|0 comments

How does the high speed roll up door replace the traditional rolling door and what are the outstanding features?

In today’s efficient, fast-paced social environment. Enterprises for the passage of efficiency and security needs are increasing. Traditional rolling door due to its slow opening speed, single function, has gradually failed to meet the needs of modern enterprises. The emergence of high speed roll up door , with its excellent performance and a …

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car wash door
2023年12月19日|0 comments

Understanding the car wash door: A comprehensive Guide

Diverse Types of Car Wash Doors and Their Advantages PVC Rapid Rolling Doors (High Speed Doors) Features: Quick opening and closing, often automated. Advantages: Efficient in high-traffic areas, good insulation properties, and reduced air exchange. Disadvantages: Higher initial cost, may require specialized maintenance. High Speed Door Car Wash Roll Up D …

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