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In today’s efficient, fast-paced social environment. Enterprises for the passage of efficiency and security needs are increasing. Traditional rolling door due to its slow opening speed, single function, has gradually failed to meet the needs of modern enterprises. The emergence of high speed roll up door, with its excellent performance and a variety of control methods. Is gradually replacing the traditional rolling door, become the new choice of enterprise industrial door.

high speed roll up door

Characteristics of the high speed door

Soft curtains open and close quickly: The rapid roller door adopts special soft curtain material. Through the advanced drive system, realize the fast opening and closing. This not only greatly improves the efficiency of the passage of people and vehicles. It also effectively reduces the waste of energy and safety hazards caused by the long time opening of the door body.

Passage safety: Fast door in the design of the full consideration of safety factors. Its curtain material has good flexibility and impact resistance. It can stop the movement in time when encountering obstacles, avoiding personnel injury. At the same time, both sides of the door are usually equipped with safety light curtains or infrared sensors. It can monitor the safety condition of the passage area in real time to ensure the passage safety.  

Intelligent control system: The control system of the fabric roll up door is highly intelligent, and can realize a variety of switching methods. Such as radar induction, geomagnetic induction, remote control operation, pull rope switch, face recognition, card access control and so on. In addition, it can also realize linkage control with AGV carts and production equipment. In addition, it can realize linkage control with AGV carts, production equipment and other special functions such as double-door interlocking to meet the diversified access needs of enterprises.

high speed roll up door opening method

Seppes high speed door features

Door curtain adopts imported brand: SEPPES high speed door adopts imported brand curtain material, which contains tear-resistant fiber. It has extremely high durability and reliability. This material is not only able to effectively resist wind and rain erosion and ultraviolet radiation. It can also withstand frequent opening and closing operations, ensuring the service life of the door body.  

Door body adopts laser construction one-piece molding technology: SEPPES rapid roller door body adopts advanced laser construction one-piece molding technology. With the imported plastic powder spraying, the appearance of the door body is more beautiful and generous. At the same time, it enhances the structural strength and corrosion resistance of the door body.   

Imported German brand electric control system: SEPPES Door Industry has equipped the high speed roll up door with imported German brand electric control system. The system has precise control performance and stable working condition. This system has precise control performance and stable working condition, which can ensure the normal operation of the door body in various environments and greatly improve the safety of use.

high speed roll up door motor

Why Choose SEPPES Door?

Supplier to Fortune 500 Companies: SEPPES has become a supplier to 70 Fortune 500 companies with its excellent product quality and professional service level. SEPPES Door has successfully become the supplier of 70 Fortune 500 companies. One out of every seven Fortune 500 companies has chosen SEPPES products and services. This fully proves the industry status and strength of SEPPES Door Industry.   

All series of products have passed many authoritative certificates: All series of SEPPES products have passed many authoritative certificates, such as CE, SGS, CMA, etc. This means that Xilang products have passed many authoritative certificates. This means that SEPPES products have reached the international advanced level in terms of safety, environmental protection and durability.   


Perfect service network and export business:SEPPES has more than 100 service outlets throughout the country. We are able to provide customers with timely and professional pre-sales consultation and after-sales service. Meanwhile, SEPPES Door Industry has exported its products to more than 60 countries and won wide international praise.

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To sum up, the high speed roll up door is gradually replacing the traditional rolling door as the new favorite in the market with its high efficiency, safety and intelligence. SEPPES door industry with its excellent product quality and professional service level in the industry to stand out. It has become the ideal partner of many enterprises.

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