In the cold storage installation project. Whether it is a large cold storage installation or a small cold storage installation project, the cold room door is essential. Cold storage door is the way to store items in and out of the road, hidden hot and cold space communication hidden danger. Therefore, it is especially important to pay attention to the use of cold storage doors. Therefore, today I will take you to understand the use of cold storage door precautions and basic requirements.


Cold storage doors should be opened and closed with care during the use of the door.

Do not use the door as a ladder to climb to the top of the warehouse. If it is difficult to open the door, check that the upper drop pulley is not blocked. Or if the lower track is clogged with debris.

Also, check the top rail for sagging;

If the bolts are loose or the seals are too tight, they should be readjusted;

Also regularly check the warehouse door seals, good cleaning and maintenance. Prevent the seal from deforming and running cold.

Basic requirements

1.Cold room door should have good insulation and air tightness to reduce cold loss.
2.Lightweight, flexible in opening and closing, and have a certain degree of strength.
3.There are anti-freezing or anti-condensation facilities. Such as in the cold storage door frame and door 4.sealing surface of the contact parts of the electric heating device.
5.Sturdy and durable, not deformed and collision-proof. Cold storage doors with power loading and unloading equipment should be equipped with guard rails or guard plates.
6.Emergency safety lights, distress signaling equipment and self-opening equipment shall be installed in warehouses where operators are mistakenly locked. Electric, pneumatic and hydraulic automatic doors should be provided with false closing protection.
7.The size of the door opening should meet the requirements of use and facilitate loading and unloading operations. At the same time reduce the intrusion of external heat and moisture when opening the door. In addition, there are often small boxes of frozen food or beverages when entering and leaving. The door of the cold storage often open a small door, easy to use, but also can save energy.
8.Should be able to effectively prevent “cold bridge”, in addition to preventing “cold bridge”. The floor at the entrance and exit of the cold room should be able to withstand the weight of loading and unloading equipment.

Production method

There are two general methods of making cold storage doors: one is to spray polyurethane foam into a prefabricated frame. The other is to use insulation boards.
When making cold storage doors, polyurethane insulation board is generally used. This is because it is not only strong, but also has good thermal insulation.
Generally cold storage doors are categorized based on a mixture of temperature and opening method. This includes insulated roll up door, sliding doors (high, medium and low), upward sliding doors, bi-parting doors and so on. Generally speaking, the doors of other special places used for heat preservation places are also included in the cold storage door. Such as air-conditioning doors, special doors for slaughterhouse, etc.

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