Nowadays, with the rapid development of the logistics industry and the improvement of people’s awareness of food safety. As an important part of the cold chain logistics system. freezer door plays an important role in preserving freshness and safety. Various industries such as food factories, pharmaceutical engineering, electronic component factories, etc. have different requirements for freezer doors. Today we will discuss the importance and types of cold storage doors and how to choose cold room doors.

freezer door

The importance of freezer door

1.Maintain the stability of the cold chain environment

Cold storage doors can effectively isolate the internal and external environments of cold storage. Preventing the exchange of heat and maintaining the stability of the cold chain environment. This is critical to the quality and safety of frozen and chilled products. It ensures that products avoid temperature fluctuations during transportation, storage and processing, maintaining freshness and nutrient content.

2. Improve energy utilization efficiency

Cold storage doors have good thermal insulation properties. The door for cold storage has good heat preservation performance, which can effectively reduce the heat exchange between inside and outside of the cold storage and reduce energy consumption. This is of great significance for reducing operating costs and saving energy resources.

3. personal safety equipment

The door for cold storage has high safety. It is usually has anti-pinch devices, safety sensors and other equipment. They can effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents in which people are injured at the entrance and exit and guarantee the safety of personnel.

4. Improve work efficiency

The rapid opening and closing function of the cold storage door helps to increase the loading and unloading speed of goods, improve the traffic efficiency of the entrance and exit channels, thereby improving work efficiency. This is of great significance for logistics and transportation, cargo storage, production and processing.

5. Protect the quality of goods

Doors for cold storage can maintain the stability of the internal environment of cold storage. Effectively prevent the entry of external pollutants and protect the goods from contamination and damage. Ensure the quality and safety of goods.

6. Meet the requirements of health standards

The design of cold storage doors usually meets the requirements of health standard. They can effectively prevent the entry of microorganisms and contaminants. Maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the internal environment of the cold storage, and comply with food safety and medical hygiene requirements.

Types of freezer door

Cold room sliding door

Cold room sliding door


The aluminum sliding door has reasonable material selection, simple structure, and beautiful appearance. The interior is full of 100% polyurethane foam , which has good sealing and heat insulation. At the same time, there are safety devices inside the door, which is safe and practical.

Lateral sliding: aluminum sliding door open and close by moving on a sideways sliding track. Suitable for places with limited space. Opening and closing speed 0.2m/s

Lateral sliding

Stability: The door panel is full of polyurethane material interior , and the panel has good overall foam insulation performance. The door frame material is aluminum alloy, which has a neat and elegant appearance and is durable. Sliding doors are usually very stable when opening and closing, with good wind protection.

Cold room sliding door

Sealing: Sliding doors usually have a good seal. It can effectively isolate the temperature, humidity and dust inside and outside the room. Aluminum sliding doors are suitable for places where environmental conditions need to be strictly controlled.

Cold room sliding door

Applicable temperature: -40℃~+8℃


Space Saving: Sliding doors do not need to swing inwards or outwards. Therefore , very little space is taken up in the doorway area, maximizing the use of available space.

Easy to automate: Due to the relatively simple mechanical structure of sliding doors. It is therefore relatively easy to automate controls. Such as installing automatic sensors or remote controls, to improve convenience and safety.

High durability: Cold storage sliding doors are usually made of durable materials. They are able to withstand the impact and corrosion of low-temperature environments and have a long service life.

Cold room sliding door


Safety hazards: Sliding doors may have safety hazards such as pinching or collision when opening and closing. Especially in high-traffic places, extra attention to safety measures is necessary.

Maintenance costs: Maintenance costs can be high due to the high number of mechanical components in a sliding door. Regular inspection, cleaning and lubrication are necessary to ensure proper operation.

Limited Design Options: Sliding doors have relatively limited design options compared to other types of doors. They may not be able to meet certain special decorative or design needs.

Energy consumption problem: Although the cold storage sliding door has good sealing performance, it will still cause a certain amount of energy loss when it open and close frequently. This may cause temperature fluctuations within the cold storage, affecting the quality and safety of refrigerated and frozen products.

Application scenarios

Cold storage entrance and exit: Cold storage sliding doors are often used at the entrance and exit of cold storage to facilitate the loading, unloading and transportation of goods.

Cold room sliding door

Food processing and manufacturing: In food processing and manufacturing, cold storage sliding doors are often used to separate different production areas, such as refrigerated areas, frozen areas, and normal temperature areas.

Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical: In the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, cold storage sliding doors are widely used in the storage and transportation of pharmaceuticals.

Innovations and future trends of sliding doors

Improved safety: Future sliding doors may integrate more advanced safety technologies, such as human detection sensors, video surveillance systems and emergency stop devices, to improve safety and reliability.

Customized design: With the development of 3D printing technology and customized manufacturing technology, sliding doors in the future may be more personalized and customized to meet the special needs and design requirements of different users.

swing door

swing door


Door opening method: Inward opening or outward opening. The cold storage swing door is a door fixed on the door frame. It opens and closes by swinging inward or outward, similar to a traditional door.

 Swing Door opening method

Simple structure: The mechanical structure of the swing door is relatively simple, usually composed of basic components such as door leaf, door frame and hinge. The door body of the electric swing door uses expanded polystyrene foam sandwich panel as the main material. Easy to install and maintain.

swing door

Wide applicability: Swing doors are suitable for various sizes and types of cold storage and can be customized into different sizes and configurations to meet the needs and requirements of different users.

swing door

Easy to operate: The operation of the swing door is relatively simple. The user only needs to push or pull the door leaf to complete the opening and closing operations, which is suitable for places that require frequent access. Opening mode is manual or electric.

swing door

Applicable temperature: -35℃ ~ +15℃


Easy to operate: The operation of the swing door is relatively simple and straightforward, without the need for complex mechanical or electric systems, and is easy to use.

Broad vision: The swing door can provide a larger opening space when opened, and users can obtain a broader vision and more convenient access.

Save energy: When closed, the swing door can seal the door better, reduce energy loss, and help maintain a constant temperature inside the cold storage.

swing door


Space occupied: Swing doors require enough space to swing the door leaf when opened, so they are not suitable for places with limited space.

Slow opening speed: Compared with other types of doors, the opening speed of swing doors is relatively slow, which may affect the efficiency of entry and exit channels.

Application scenarios

Food processing and storage: Cold storage swing doors are widely used in food processing plants, food storage centers, refrigerated freezers and other places. They can maintain the freshness and quality of food in low-temperature environments and ensure its safety during processing, storage and transportation.

Catering industry: Cold storage swing doors in the catering industry are commonly used in cold storage and freezers in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other places. These doors can store ingredients, beverages and frozen foods, keeping them at the right temperature for serving to customers.

Innovations and future trends of swing doors

Intelligent control: In the future, cold storage swing doors may integrate more intelligent control systems, such as automatic sensors, remote control and safety monitoring, to improve convenience and safety.

Insulated roll up door

The thermal insulation rapid door 


Rapid opening and closing: The thermal insulation rapid door has the characteristics of rapid opening and closing. The opening speed can reach 0.8-2.0m/s, which can effectively reduce temperature fluctuations and improve work efficiency.

The thermal insulation rapid door 

Excellent thermal insulation performance: This type of door usually uses PVC fabric as the door curtain and is full of polyurethane foam, which can effectively isolate the exchange of hot and cold air and ensure the stability of the internal environment. Double rows of brushes or rubber belt cassette seals in the track.

The thermal insulation rapid door 

Strong durability: Insulated rapid door frames are usually made of 304 stainless steel, which can resist harsh environmental conditions and prevent corrosion. Has a long service life. It can be opened 500-800 times a day and has a service life of 8-10 years.

The thermal insulation rapid door 

High safety: This type of door is usually equipped with infrared safety photoelectric protection device and safety bottom edge, which can sense the surrounding environment in time and respond accordingly to avoid accidents. Equipped with industrial servo motor to ensure operational stability.

The thermal insulation rapid door 

Multiple opening methods: Thermal insulaation high speed door standred opening method is double-sided manual button, optional radar, geomagnetism, drawstring, remote control, Bluetooth, wireless switch, etc.

Multiple opening methods

Applicable temperature: above 0°


The thermal insulation rapid door 

Save energy: Due to its excellent thermal insulation performance, thermal insulation rapid doors help reduce energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

Improve work efficiency: The characteristics of quick opening and closing help improve work efficiency, reduce waiting time, and improve logistics and transportation efficiency.

Protect product quality: The thermal insulation rapid door can effectively maintain the stability of the refrigerated or frozen environment and protect the quality and freshness of the product.

Enhance safety: Equipped with safety photoelectric protection devices and anti-collision devices to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment and reduce the incidence of accidents.


Higher cost: Due to its excellent thermal insulation performance and quick opening and closing functions, the cost of cold room fast doors is usually higher and requires higher investment.

High maintenance costs: Due to their complex structure and high performance requirements, the maintenance costs of cold storage rapid doors are usually high and require regular inspection and maintenance.

Application scenarios

Food processing and storage: In the food industry, thermal insulation rapid doors are often used in food processing plants, refrigerated freezers, food sorting centers and other places. These doors can help maintain stable temperatures during food processing and increase production efficiency.

The thermal insulation rapid door 

Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical industry, thermal insulation rapid doors are widely used in pharmaceutical production workshops, pharmaceutical storage areas, clean rooms and other places. They can effectively control indoor temperature and humidity to ensure the quality and safety of medicines.

Logistics and warehousing: In the logistics and warehousing industry, insulated rapid doors are often used in refrigerated and frozen warehouses, as well as in cargo sorting areas where temperature stability needs to be maintained. These doors can help reduce energy consumption and improve logistics efficiency.

Supermarkets and retail: In places such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and retail stores, insulated rapid doors are used in back-end areas of refrigerated and frozen shelves, as well as in cargo aisles that require frequent access. They can effectively isolate indoor and outdoor environments and maintain the freshness of refrigerated and frozen goods.

Hospitals and Laboratories: In places such as hospitals, laboratories, and biopharmaceutical plants, insulated rapid doors are used in clean rooms, laboratories, and pharmaceutical manufacturing areas. They can help keep indoor temperature and humidity stable, ensuring accuracy and reliability in experiments and production.

Manufacturing: In some manufacturing fields, such as automobile manufacturing, electronic manufacturing and aerospace, thermal insulation rapid doors are used to control the temperature and humidity of production workshops and protect the safety of production equipment and personnel.

Innovations and future trends of thermal insulation fast door

Intelligent control: In the future, thermal insulation rapid doors may integrate more intelligent control systems . Such as automatic sensors, remote monitoring and intelligent identification functions to improve convenience and safety.

Energy saving and environmental protection: In the future, thermal insulation rapid doors may adopt more energy-saving materials and technologies. Such as the use of efficient insulation materials and energy-saving drives, to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

Customized design: In the future, insulated fast doors may be more personalized and customized. Such as adding special decorative and functional modules.

Biosafety technology: With the increase in biosafety requirements, insulated rapid doors may adopt more advanced biosafety technologies in the future. Such as air filtration systems and ultraviolet disinfection devices to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the internal environment.




Pendant folding design: This type of door consists of multiple long panels hinged together that fold up when not in use. This design saves the space occupied by the door panels when they are open.

Pendant folding design

Double-layer material: Usually made of double-layer color steel plate or stainless steel plate spliced together. The interior is filled with polyurethane or other thermal insulation materials to achieve good thermal insulation.


Good sealing performance: It can effectively reduce the loss of cold, suitable for large-scale cold storage and environments that require frequent opening and closing.

Easy installation and maintenance: Due to the folding design, installation and maintenance are relatively simple.



Aesthetically pleasing: Folding doors come in a variety of designs that can be incorporated into a variety of home styles, adding beauty and style to the space.

Space Flexibility & Space Saving: Doors can be folded so that they are completely hidden within the wall, looking more open and unobstructed, suitable for small homes or occasions where space is limited.

Ease of Use: Folding doors can be pushed and pulled freely, simple and easy to operate.

Noise reduction and sound insulation: Has a certain noise reduction and sound insulation effect, reducing indoor and outdoor noise interference.


Poor sealing and heat preservation: the structural characteristics of folding doors lead to relatively poor sealing and heat preservation, which may affect the indoor air quality and warmth, and are not suitable for use in cold environments.

Easy to accumulate dust: the door gap is easy to accumulate dust, it is not easy to clean up, need regular maintenance.

Limited load-bearing degree: folding door is suitable for use as an interior door, not suitable for use as a heavy load door.

Limited door size: Door sizes tend to be small due to the way they move, and users need to plan and design the number of doors to ensure that the dimensions meet the requirements of the process.

Application scenarios

Small cold storage: Folding doors are commonly used in small cold storage or cold storage room doors because they save space and are suitable for limited space.

Commercial cold storage: in commercial cold storage, supermarket refrigerated shelves and other places, folding doors are often suitable for separating different areas or shelves of the cold storage door.

Food Processing Plant: In food processing plants, folding doors can be available to maintain temperature stability and improve the efficiency of entry and exit in places such as refrigerated workshops and cold storages.


Pharmaceutical: In the pharmaceutical industry, folding doors are commonly available in drug manufacturing workshops, refrigerated warehouses and other places to ensure the quality and safety of drugs.

Innovations and future trends of cold storage folding doors

Lightweight design: Future cold storage folding doors are likely to adopt a more lightweight design to reduce the weight and resistance to movement of the door, increase the speed and efficiency of the door opening, while reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Factors to consider when choosing a freezer door

Cold storage door quality

Thermal insulation performance: The heat preservation performance of the freezer door is one of the primary considerations for selection. The heat preservation performance of the door directly affects the stability of the internal environment of the cold storage. Select the door with good thermal insulation effect to reduce energy consumption and maintain constant temperature.

sealing performance: The sealing performance of cold storage door is very important. A door with good sealing performance can effectively isolate the environment inside and outside the cold storage. Preventing heat loss and ensuring the stability of the internal environment of the cold storage.

Durability and quality: Cold storage door needs to have enough durability and quality, can withstand long-term use and environmental tests, such as the ability to adapt to different temperatures in the environment, in the low-temperature environment can still be efficient long-term operation. Able to choose the door with high-quality materials and solid structure to ensure its long-term stable operation.

Design size and installation space

When selecting and designing, we should consider the opening direction of the door, the net door opening size. According to the net door opening size to leave enough thickness of insulation layer. Further calculate the reserved doorway for civil construction and make the pre-buried parts according to certain size. Choosing the right freezer door manufacturer to participate in the design can avoid many cross-cutting problems in the later stage. Customers and sellers should communicate the most suitable program, and finally make the installed door meet the expected requirements.

Installation, maintenance and after-sales service

Installation and Maintenance:Proper installation will ensure that the door fits perfectly against the cold storage walls. The door will seal and insulate better. Incorrect installation may lead to problems with the door opening and closing and poor sealing performance. Users need to regularly maintain and inspect the door to extend the life of the cold storage door. Maintenance includes cleaning the door and frame, checking the door seals, lubricating the track. The problems are reproduced and repaired in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the door.

After-sales service: High-quality after-sales service can help customers solve the problems encountered in the process of use. And timely repair and replacement. A good after-sales service team can provide quick response, professional technical support and timely maintenance services. Ensure that the cold storage door can quickly return to normal operation when there is a failure, reducing downtime and loss.


1. The cost of the door itself: This is the most direct cost of purchasing a cold storage door. The price of a cold storage door is affected by several factors, including material, size, model, brand, and features. Generally speaking, high-quality, high-performance doors are relatively expensive, but will also provide better insulation, sealing performance and durability.

2. Installation cost: Installation of cold storage doors requires specialized technicians. The installation cost includes labor cost, installation material cost and so on. The installation cost will vary according to the type, size and complexity of the door.

3. Transportation cost: If the purchased door needs transporting remotely, transportation cost is also one of the costs to be considered. Transportation costs are usually calculated based on distance, weight and volume of goods.

4. Maintenance costs: Cold storage door maintenance also requires a certain cost expenditure. It includes regular cleaning, lubrication, replacement of wearing parts and so on. These costs should be considered in the context of long-term operations to ensure the long-term use of the door.

5. Energy consumption cost : If the door insulation performance is poor. The energy consumption in the operation of the cold room will increase. Therefore, the door with good insulation performance should be selected to reduce the cost of energy consumption.

6. After-sales service costs: If additional after-sales service is required. Such as repair, maintenance and renewal, then the corresponding after-sales service costs also need to take into account.

Recommendations for Commonly Used freezer Door Brands

Internationally, there are several famous brands of freezer doors . They provide high-quality products and professional solutions. For example,

Seppes: Seppes is a well-known industrial door manufacturer in China, focusing on medium and high-end positioning. Insulated rapid doors are also one of its main products. With its professional products and brand reputation. The company has become a cooperative supplier for more than 70 Fortune 500 companies around the world. Such as IKEA, Tyson, Logitech, Thermo Fisher, Akzo Nobel and so on.

ASSA ABLOY: ASSA ABLOY is a leading global provider of door locks and security solutions in Sweden. Its subsidiary Albany specializes in the production of high-speed doors and cold storage doors. They offer a wide range of customized products and services.

Rytec: Rytec is an American company specializing in high speed doors and cold storage doors. Their products are famous for Its high speed, durability and reliability in environments.

In summary, through the importance of freezer doors, cold storage door types, choose the cold storage door need to consider the factors and international commonly used cold storage door brand recommendation. We have provided you with a guide to choosing doors for the cold storage industry. I hope that it will be helpful to you!

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