thermal insulation fast shutter door

Pharmaceutical factories are special factories that strictly control microorganisms and particles. Unlike the ordinary products, pharmaceuticals are important commodities related to human health, and have extremely strict requirements in terms of the environment. The export port provides a clean and stable environment for the shipment of medicines. So that it prevents the finished medicines and packages materials from polluted. For this reason, the pharmaceutical factory chooses this thermal insulation fast shutter door at the outlet, which can not only maintain the internal environment, but also improve the efficiency of shipment.

thermal insulation fast shutter door
insulated high speed door

Advantages of thermal insulation fast shutter doors at the pharmaceutical outlet 

Isolation from external pollution

The double-row brush seal in the track of the fast rolling door blocks air convection. With the rapid opening of the door curtain, it can better prevent external pollution and undeveloped air from entering the pharmaceutical factory.

Thermal insulation

Compared with ordinary fast rolling doors, the door curtain of thermal insulation fast rolling doors is thickened with multiple layers. The interior fill with heat insulation materials. Its thermal insulation performance is significantly improved. Then it can effectively ensure that the internal cold air does not overflow. Make the product not affected by temperature changes and ensure the high quality of the pharmaceutical factory.

High efficiency

The fast door adopts a professional servo system, which can control the frequent and rapid opening of the door curtain. The track can be equipped with a heating system device to prevent condensation and icing and ensure that the opening speed of the curtain is not affected. Reduce the waiting time for personnel to enter and exit, improve work efficiency. It can meet the requirements of frequent transportation at the export port.

thermal insulation fast shutter door

Thermal insulation fast shutter door is a function-enhanced fast rolling door product with faster opening speed and excellent thermal insulation performance. Suitable for general cold storage areas or special environments requiring thermal insulation, including pharmaceutical factories. If you want high-quality thermal insulation fast rolling doors, you can find the professional industrial door brand – SEPPES. SEPPES products have EU CE certificates and excellent after-sales service, and have relevant project experience with Qilu Pharmaceutical and Huahai Pharmaceutical.

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