Seppes Zipper-structure high speed door
size(mm): W2100xH1800(customized according to customer requirements)
thickness of door curtain(mm) : 1.2(optional)
color : yellow,red,blue,white,grey(optional)
thickness and material of door frame(mm): 2.0 mm thickness stainless steel(optional)
thickness of The door head box (mm) : 1
Side panel of door head compartment’s thickness(mm) : 5
thickness of the motor cover(mm) : 1
Self extinguishing level: Class 2
level of wind resistance (m²): 8
opening speed (m/s): 0.6-2.0about opening 500-800times every day.
Power (kw): 0.75
Voltage: 220V 50Hz(customized according to customer’s country)
Machine dimension (L*W*H/mm): 1000*1000*3500
Machine weight(kg): 350
Protection grade: IP54
Motor brand: Frog pupil
Zipper brand: Shanghai
Structure : Zipper or rubber (optional)

SEPPES HSD-140 zipper high speed door with unique zipper -structure .Design and integrated sealed door body can both reduce minimize the loss of energy consumption and provide efficient logistics entrances and exits to keep the original Temperature conditions and cleanliness of the building’s interior space.Zipper high speed door’s curtain part is without any metal parts to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel and high speed zipper door has excellent self-wind resistance performance. At the same time, it has a self-repairing function (SEPPES patented technology), even The door curtain is derailed from the track (such as being hit by a forklift, etc.).The curtain will re-track automatically in the next operating cycle.Sectional view of rubber structure.

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