Seppes Fast Doors (with 304 stainless steel door fram)

In order to meet the needs of the client company, we have developed a new product —304 stainless steel fast door, which can be opened quickly and frequently, but also can maintain the cleanliness of the workshop, and has the functions of corrosion resistance and friction resistance.

In terms of technological innovation, our company is at the forefront of the industry. At present, the two stainless steel fast doors developed by our company have been loved by customers. Let me briefly introduce them below.

One Type(Push button)

304 Stainless steel fast doors are not all doors made of stainless steel, but 304 stainless steel used in the door body. 304 stainless steel is a material with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and versatility. The curtain is made of PVC soft wear-resistant and tear-resistant base fabric, which is full of impact resistance and has a longer use cycle. Not only that, the stainless steel fast door can also be raised and lowered frequently, which can be frequently raised and lowered 500-800 times a day. The cassette-type double-row brushes can seal the air flow inside and outside well to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop.

standard 304ss Seppes fast door

Check the picture of this 304 stainless steel fast door above. It uses a button to open the door. This door opening method is a common method used by our customers. It is economical and easy to use.

Another Type(With loop Industion)

Regarding another 304 stainless steel fast door, the reason why the loop induction method is adopted is because this method of opening the door is convenient for the factory. When a metal object approaches our 304 stainless steel quick door installation line, the door will open automatically. This method greatly saves the opening time. Greatly improve the efficiency of the factory to transport goods.

304ss Seppes fast door with loop induction

All our fast doors are equipped with safety protection infrared protection device as standard. The door head uses a sealed soft bottom pocket, which has extremely high anti-pinch performance, which greatly guarantees the safety of the machine and the person.

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