Introduction of Seppes Spiral Fast Door

Seppes Spiral Fast Door is a new type of fast door developed by our company. The curtain is made of aluminum alloy, which is corrosion-resistant and has a beautiful exterior. Adopt rubber seal, good heat preservation and wind resistance effect. The motor adopts a servo motor, and the running speed is fast to ensure that the door can operate normally.The following is a display of Seppes hard fast door parameters, you can check it out.

1. Opening speed: up to 2.0 m/s, adjustable.

2. Motor power: 0.75 -1.5KW.

3. Control power supply: 220v, 380V.

4. Motor position: either right or left of the doorway.

5. Features: Suitable for places with high environmental requirements such as heat preservation, sealing, dustproof, frequent entry and exit, and fast opening speed.

6. Sealing performance: guide rail seal, door curtain connection seal

7. Manual function: with manual emergency device

Based on the basics of our products that have already been introduced, let me now explain which scenarios our doors are generally applicable to. It is convenient for customers to choose the most suitable products for them as soon as possible.

Seppes Spiral Fast Doors Used In Different Scenarios

According to the customer’s existing installation situation, our doors can fully meet the needs of customers to install in different scenarios, such as garages, factory outlets, areas with high temperature resistance, high sealing, and high wind resistance.

3 rows of windows spiral fast door

Garage Use in Factory

Why can we choose our hard fast door for the garage of the factory? Customers first appreciate the frequent use and dustproof effect of our door. Large-size customization is also the advantage of our aluminum alloy fast door. It can customize the door of 10x10m, and the color of the aluminum alloy curtain can also be customized, so as to ensure the customer’s choice.

linkage to open the door quickly

Fire Station Use

Fire station projects often choose our hard fast door, which not only can be used quickly, has the effect of anti-theft and wind resistance, but also can be used in conjunction, which shortens the time for firefighters to dispatch and brings better safety to the fire station.

2 rows of windows spiral fast door

Factory Cargo Transportation Port Use

The factory will choose this door for the goods in the factory because of its special anti-theft and heat preservation effect, and the service life is as long as 8-10 years. When the factory is out of power, the standard emergency device of the door is very good. Effect. At the same time, it also adds to the high-end image of the plant.

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