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Modern clean room fast doors are generally used in advanced production workshops and clean rooms, and require relatively high installation requirements. This determines that every step must be refined to ensure safe and reliable use. The clean room fast door is to fix the flexible curtain on the transmission shaft, and the motor rotates to drive the transmission shaft to realize the opening and closing of the door. The big shaft is the transmission center of the fast door, and it is also very elegant in terms of installation.
The fast-rolling door curtains are made of PVC wear-resistant base fabric, which is smooth and beautiful in appearance through cold-sealing technology, and the curtains are flexible and safe. The motors produced by Xilang Doors use Philip Motors, which can be used for more than 1.5 million times in total, and open 500-800 times without any trouble per day. Ultra-high operating efficiency, through high-speed lifting, opening and closing, effectively blocking indoor and outdoor air convection, playing a good energy-saving effect.

Features of pvc fast rolling door:
1. Accuracy: It realizes the full-closed-loop servo control of position, speed and torque, avoids the accumulated error and interference error caused by the variable frequency open-loop control in the door switch, and the door does not run for a long time.
2. Stability: Integrated integrated design, excellent EMI, EMC electromagnetic compatibility design. Improve the electromagnetic interference of the original PLC+frequency converter+encoder+encoder+encoder complicated wiring, and avoid the malfunction caused by the wiring or plug.
3. High speed: The motor has a high speed of 2500 rpm, and the door has a high operating speed of 1.95 m/s. The ultra-high speed motor brings higher efficiency.
4. Soft and beautiful: flexible quick start-high speed operation-flexible slow stop, S-type speed curve inorganic speed regulation; advanced constant torque intelligent follow-up system, output torque changes with the door body operating load, running at low speed without frustration and jitter The process is high-speed, smooth, and reliable.
5. Safety: In case of emergency signals, the dynamic response time of the motor is within 30 seconds, and the inertia does not exceed 5mm, which greatly protects the safety of customers.

fast door

PVC high speed door

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