High speed door also call pvc speed door. The door curtain is made of PVC, which is waterproof, easy to clean, has strong wear resistance and is not easy to tear. The fast door has the advantages of quick switch, thermal insulation, dustproof and insectproof. Usually installed in warehouses, food price factories, cement factories, chemical factories, textile factories and other places.

high speed door

The opening speed of the pvc speed door can reach 1.2m/s-2m/s. And there are radar, Bluetooth, remote control and other opening methods. Which are faster and smarter than ordinary steel rolling doors. Due to the characteristics of the material of the fast pvc door, the dustproof effect is very good. At the same time, the sealing brush inside the door frame quickly separates the internal environment from the external environment.

high speed door

At present, the better company in China’s high speed doors is seppes.

seppes’s doors are of high quality and good after sales service, making it the first choice for IKEA, Logitech, Fresenius and many other companies.

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