The equipment room safety protection fast door is suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment workshops, such as automobile manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, textiles, automation, spraying workshops, automatic robot welding rooms, aging rooms, painting workshops and other environments.

1. In response to the actual needs of compactness and protection in industrial automation equipment rooms, the technical team of Xilang Door Industry Industrial Door Technology Research Institute adopted the 2.0 thickened double gauze surface to strengthen the curtain of the protective safety fast door, which is resistant to impact (protective equipment room (Inside robot or equipment accidentally splashing objects), wear-resistant and tough (to meet the frequent opening and closing of fast doors between equipment), flat and smooth (running more smoothly, looking less beautiful), etc.;

2. At the same time, a whole curtain without splicing and metal rigid crossbars are used to ensure safety;

3. The equipment room protection safety fast door produced by SEPPES  Door Industry, the drive unit adopts high-end German Philip Fast door special motor and German Frog Pupil Servo control system, which supports the opening and closing frequency of the fast door more than 2000 times per day. Servo system is more accurate, stable and faster;

4. The protective safety fast door of the Xilang door industry equipment room is equipped with infrared safety photoelectric and the bottom edge of the airbag (optional device) to form a full range of safety protection.

5. The product can also carry out signal communication linkage with industrial equipment in the equipment room to realize the transmission and operation of combined door switch signals.

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