We all know that the curtain of the transparent fast rolling door is made of pvc material, which has the functions of temperature insulation, sound insulation, dust prevention, and insect prevention.

The editor also introduced to everyone, the variety of fast rolling doors and the color selection of door curtains. Generally, yellow and orange are the colors most used by companies, mainly because eye-catching colors have better insect repellent effects. Today, the editor will introduce the pvc fast rolling door with full transparent curtain. The fast rolling door with full transparent curtain is suitable for the interior and exterior doors of the workshop. The 2mm thick pvc full transparent curtain can let more light enter the room, meet the requirements of better lighting, and create a more pleasant working environment. Installing a pvc transparent fast door is not only a good daylighting effect, but a fully transparent curtain can also provide a brighter and wider field of vision, so that the scene inside and outside the workshop is unobstructed. It is especially suitable for use in the passages where forklifts enter and exit frequently, effectively reducing the occurrence of accidental collisions during two-way traffic. The full-transparent visual effect makes your traffic safer.

The basic parameters of SEPPES transparent high speed door:   

1. Running speed: The average speed is 8-13 m/min.   

2. Torsion spring performance: using 82B spring steel, heat treatment process, it can shrink and expand tens of thousands of times.   

3. Lifting method: The installation of the transparent lifting door will vary with the complexity of the site. According to the space above the door, there are vertical lifting, standard lifting, providing lifting, and low lifting options.   

4. Glass material: high-strength endurance board (72% light-transmitting PC board), light texture, strong impact resistance, about 100 times that of ordinary glass.   

5. Safety performance: The torsion spring of the transparent lifting door has an anti-breaking device, the steel wire rope has a built-in anti-breaking device, and the bottom edge protection is multiple security, which effectively protects the safety of visitors and workers and is more humane.   

6. ​​Sealed rail: 2.0mm thick galvanized steel plate, anti-rolling design, strengthened horizontal rail, safer, EPDM low temperature resistant material, embedded installation, better sealing effect.   

7. Multiple choices of color: The color of the aluminum alloy door frame of the transparent lifting door can be selected and matched according to the overall decoration, and can be customized according to requirements.

Compared with the conventional fast door, the transparent fast rolling door has a number of elastic aluminum alloy wind-resistant ribs added to the door body, which greatly improves the overall stability of the door curtain. This fast door is a new model launched by SEPPES Door Industry. As a high-end brand supplier of industrial doors, SEPPES has a number of industrial door product-level core technologies, continuous technological innovation, and continuous optimization of product functionality, standardization, Security, to provide customers with more product added value!

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