The fast rolling doors produced by the door manufacturer SEPPES Doors can be used in general factories, such as food, electronics, clean workshops, purification workshops, cigarettes, printing, textiles, supermarkets and other light industrial plants for regional isolation and any other needs With the rapid entry and exit of places, more and more brands have entered the Chinese market with the development of fast doors.

For example, fast rolling doors are designed for the rapid flow of materials (to shorten the time of entry and exit) and are accurate An industrial door that is positioned is mostly used in places with high environmental requirements such as food, electronics, printing, etc. The main function is to quickly isolate and ensure the dust-free level of air quality in the workshop.

High speed spirial door : It can withstand up to 100,000 switch withstand times, that is to say, it can withstand up to 100,000 openings and closings in a maintenance cycle. It can be seen that the performance is very excellent. Due to the solid structure, the high-speed rolling door can withstand wind speeds up to 120km/h. Under the circumstances, the throw can function normally and is suitable for use as an outer door.

Door piece design:

One: The door is made of aluminum alloy material, the surface treatment is high temperature baking varnish after electrostatic spraying, and the material is metal paint. Make the hard fast door more beautiful and generous.

Two: The door piece adopts a combination of soft connection and hinge connection. The soft connection material is EPDM rubber, which is not only strong and durable, but also makes the door noise very low during operation. On the basis of the soft connection, a hinge connection is added to make the door panel stronger, more durable, safer and more reliable.

To Door size: The conventional production size of the hard fast door is 5100×H5000. If it exceeds this range, it can be specially produced and processed according to the site conditions.

To Drive device: The motor adopts Grande special motor. Variable frequency motor, adjustable operating frequency, suitable for places with high frequency of opening and closing doors. It has the characteristics of high performance, high reliability, high stability and high positioning. The value encoder reaches the limit, is accurate and safe, has overload protection and slow-start and slow-stop functions, and comes with an electric brake device, which makes the door run smoothly and brakes quickly and timely; the limit uses high resolution to achieve positioning and ensure limit Bit reliable.

To Electronic control system: It is controlled by a frequency converter, with functions such as slow start and slow stop, open priority, automatic door closing, etc., and can be connected to various safety devices such as infrared, ground sensing, and radar.

To Opening and closing speed: 0.6-1.5m opening speed per second (adjustable). High frequency opening.

To Safety device: photoelectric protection, a pair of infrared photoelectric protection switches are installed at the bottom of the door frame. When people and objects stay under the door, the door does not fall. To Sealing: airbags are installed at the bottom of the curtain. The guide rail has a built-in brush, which can prevent dust, insects, and seal. To Limit switch: Adopting encoder, positioning is accurate, in place at one time.

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