Therma insulation fast rolling door

Chemical and agricultural enterprises require specialized workshops that meet explosion-proof and anti-odor standards. While traditional rolling door products can meet these requirements, they are not efficient enough. High speed spiral doors are a product that can enhance daily use requirements and improve efficiency.

Anti-odor and explosion-proof features

High speed spiral doors are equipped with 40mm thick double-sided aluminum alloy door panels filled with polyurethane foam. The four sides of the door are sealed, leaving no gaps after closing to achieve an anti-odor effect. These doors open and close quickly, minimizing the spread of odors. Additionally, the electronic control system of these doors can achieve BT2 explosion-proof standards, meeting the majority of the current explosion-proof requirements.

Improved work efficiency

Intelligent sensing devices, such as radar, geomagnetism, Bluetooth, and face recognition, can be added to these doors to improve work efficiency. By using intelligent sensing, these doors can identify and respond to human presence, reducing wait times and streamlining work processes.

SEPPES Brand Quality

SEPPES is a reliable brand that supplies high-quality spiral doors. It is a supplier for 70 Fortune 500 companies including Volkswagen, Procter & Gamble, Huawei, and Jingdong Logistics. SEPPES offers door-to-door life-long service and the entire range of products has passed EU CE, SGS, CMA, and other certifications. Additionally, SEPPES offers 15 million insured product insurance and has over 100 service outlets throughout the country, ensuring a fast response and quality service.

In conclusion, high speed spiral doors are the perfect choice for chemical and agricultural workshops that require explosion-proof and anti-odor features. With the added benefit of improving work efficiency, these doors are a cost-effective solution. When looking for a high-quality spiral door, SEPPES is a reliable brand that offers certified products with lifetime service guarantees.

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