This year, some customers wanted our SEPPES Door Industry to send someone to repair the products. After inquiring, we found out that the customer did not install our SEPPES fast roller up door, which also caused us to be unable to provide maintenance and after-sales service for this customer. Today, I will talk about the problem of fast roller up door after-sales.

First of all, fast roller up doors are products that will be used for a long time, so after-sales issues need to be paid attention to. Some fast roller up doors without after-sales service are also cheaper than ours. Some customers choose other doors because of their low prices. I can imagine that the problem occurred within a few months from installation to use, and could not be found after sale. The better result is to find a suitable maintenance company to repair, the corresponding price is relatively high, and the other bad result is replacement. The whole door, after calculating it like this, let’s not talk about the price of maintenance and the price of replacement. Just the time that is stagnant in the middle will delay the work, and the company will lose money in the end.

Secondly, it’s not that we don’t want to provide maintenance services for other customers. Each company’s products have different materials and different structures, and our maintenance personnel can’t guarantee the repair, so it is also a kind of responsibility to customers.

Choose a good fast roller up door, choose the fast roller up door manufacturer SEPPES Door Industry, thoughtful after-sales service, many years of industry experience, the brand attracts brands, SEPPES Door Industry provides cooperation and supply for nearly 60 Fortune 500 companies, and SEPPES Some of the world’s top 500 customers cooperated with the door industry are as follows:

Mercedes Benz

   ABB (China) Co., Ltd.

   Aike (Changzhou) Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.

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