As the saying goes: The autumnal equinox is over. The temperature has begun to drop gradually. For factories that need to maintain a constant temperature in their workshops, as well as factories that require air conditioning in winter, temperature isolation is a top priority in order to avoid the large temperature difference between the inside and outside of industrial plants. The editor recommends using Seppes Door Industry’s fast rolling door, which can help solve this problem.

Due to the large number of people and goods in the workshop, the passageway will frequently enter and exit. In order to ensure that the temperature inside the workshop does not lose, it is necessary to use a fast rolling door that can realize fast opening and closing, frequent use, and automatic induction, which can quickly isolate indoor and outdoor air convection , Dust-proof, insect-proof and wind-proof, and ensure the safety of people and things to a certain extent.

The Seppes brand fast rolling door uses the German FROGPUPIL frequency conversion control system, the standard door opening speed is 1.0 m/s, the customized speed can reach 1.5-2.0 m/s, the frequency conversion soft start, realizes the use of thousands of times a day. Cooperate with Seppes’s thickened door curtain, especially suitable for four seasons temperature insulation and heat preservation;

   As a fast rolling door manufacturer, Seppes has more than ten years of experience in industrial door technology and program formulation. For more questions about fast rolling doors, you can directly call Seppes’s official website for consultation.

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