The air shower is a necessary passage to enter many clean rooms. It can reduce the pollution problems caused by entering the room. So what equipment should we equip with the air shower to separate it?SEPPES recommends to use a combination of rapid door and air curtain machine, which can play a role. For better dust-proof and cleaning effect, I will give you a detailed answer below.

Air shower working principle

After people or objects enter the air shower room. The door is automatically closed or manually closed, and the fan is started.
The high-efficiency filter filters the air entering the air shower room and removes dust, microorganisms and other pollutants.
Top or side nozzles emit high-velocity airflow, covering the entire surface of people or objects.
The power generated by the high-speed airflow washes away pollutants from the surface of people or objects. Leaving them to remain on the ground for collection.
Clean air is recycled through floor vents or return systems to avoid secondary pollution.

Requirements for air shower doors


The air shower door needs to have good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent external air, dust, microorganisms and other pollutants from entering the air shower. The sealing performance of the door directly affects the cleanliness and operating results of the air shower room.

Corrosion resistance

Since the air shower environment usually requires a high degree of cleanliness. The door material needs to have good corrosion resistance and be able to resist the corrosion of the door by chemical cleaners and disinfectants, keeping the surface of the door smooth and clean.

Wear resistance

Air shower doors usually need to withstand frequent opening and closing operations. So the door material needs to have good wear resistance and be able to withstand long-term use without any fault .


The surface of the air shower door should be easy to clean and staff member can be disinfect and clean it frequently to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the door.


The air shower door must has safety protection devices. Such as infrared sensors, safety gratings, etc., which can stop the movement when the device detecting to obstacles and can prevent people or objects from .

Rapid door is in conjunction with the air curtain machine

Good Sealing

SEPPES high speed door frame is equipped with an innovative double row of card-seat sealing brushes. It is together with the U-shaped bottom edge and integrated door head seal form a four-sided air-tight structure for better fast partitioning effect.

Rapid Door Curtain

Use imported brand PVC high-strength base cloth door curtains with surface self-cleaning function, which are wear-resistant and tear-resistant, strong and impact-resistant, and have a longer service life.

Rapid door Safety Device

The standard infrared anti-pinch safety protection device triggers rebound to ensure safety; in addition, SEPPES patented technology airbag bottom edge and multi-point protective light curtain are optional.

The combination of rapid door and air curtain machine is better for dust protection.

The door is equipped with an innovative card-seat double-row brush, which closely fits the door curtain. The card-seat structure is easy to disassemble and replace. It has the effect of reducing indoor dust. In order to better achieve dust-proof sealing, it can also be Pair the fast rolling door with an air curtain machine, so that when entering the air shower room, dust can be removed in advance, reducing the probability of dust entering the room. The two combine with each other to better serve as a partition.

The combination of air shower room with fast door and air curtain machine can greatly increase the cleanliness inside the workshop. In addition to using it in air shower room. We can also use it in workshop passages, workshop entrances and exits, clean rooms and other places. If you are interested in the fast door used with the air curtain machine, please contact me !

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