Recently, our SEPPES has completed the installation of the fast door project in the air shower room. The air shower room is the necessary passage to enter the clean room. The purpose is to reduce the pollution caused by entering and leaving the clean room, and the installation of the fast door can be well isolated. The clean room and the air shower room can effectively block or reduce dust sources from entering the clean area. The front and rear doors of the air shower room need to be electronically interlocked to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area.

The SEPPES door body is made of cold-rolled steel plate and laser construction. The door body frame is not easy to be deformed. , Durable, beautiful and impact-resistant, the control system adopts the German brand, which is easy to use and more accurate, the safety photoelectric adopts the Korean brand, and the response is fast and reliable.

SEPPES continues technological innovation in accordance with European industry standards, has a number of product core technologies and has passed the EU CE and international authoritative SGS certification, and the market covers the whole country. Perfect after-sales service, cooperation cases all over the country, the choice of nearly 60 Fortune 500 companies such as Geely, Procter & Gamble, Huawei, Bosch, and Pfizer, and the trust of more than 2,000 cooperative customers around the world. Products are exported to Chile, the Philippines, Spain, and Costa Rica In more than 50 countries, many overseas distributors provide high-quality services to global customers.

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