aluminum rigid high speed door

The packaging and printing industry is an important and huge industry. It is not only necessary to ensure that the packaging production environment is clean and stable, to prevent the production of packaging materials from being polluted. But also to meet frequent transportation. For this reason, aluminum high speed spiral doors are installed at the entrances and exits of the packaging and printing industry. The aluminum high speed spiral door integrates heat preservation, energy saving, high efficiency and safety. Which can fully meet the needs of the packaging and printing industry.

aluminum high speed spiral door
insulated speed door

Advantages of Aluminum High Speed Spiral Door in Packaging and Printing Industry


The door panel is made of double-layer aluminum alloy, and the interior is filled with high-density thermal insulation material. It can isolate the indoor and outdoor air convection, and ensure that the internal temperature and humidity are not affected by external changes.

High efficiency

The high speed door adopts the servo intelligent drive system, which can be opened frequently and quickly. It meets the needs of frequent transportation and greatly shortens the opening time of the passageway entrance and exit. It not only improves work efficiency, but also keeps dust and pollution outside the workshop to a minimum.

Safety protection

The standard infrared safety photoelectric protection device can detect whether there are people or objects under the door curtain in time. And it will stop falling immediately and roll up in the opposite direction when it senses people or objects. The safety bottom edge and light curtain can also be selected according to actual needs to meet the protection requirements for safe production.

aluminum high speed spiral door

Aluminum high speed spiral door can improve work efficiency while maintaining a stable internal environment, saving enterprises energy loss due to air circulation. Therefore, it is the most economical choice for frequent access passages. Also it is the first choice for energy saving and consumption reduction in industry. In order to achieve a safe, hygienic and energy-saving working environment, you can choose the professional brand SEPPES. The high speed doors of SEPPES are widely praised in the industry. It has a number of product core technologies and has passed the EU CE.

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