As a new industrial door, the fast rolling door has the characteristics of heat preservation, efficiency, convenience, and sealing. Since its inception to the present, companies have continuously installed and used it, but some companies have doubts whether the fast rolling door is a new type of industrial door product. There are some potential hazards that have not been discovered, or does the opening and closing speed of the fast door have any impact on safety?

Here, I want to tell you that as long as the fast rolling door is installed and maintained, there will be no potential danger. The safety problem caused by the opening and closing speed is also worried by many companies. In fact, the fast rolling door has thought of this when it was first developed. Therefore, the curtains of the fast rolling door all use soft curtains, one is that it does not affect the opening and closing speed, and the other is because Security considerations. What if it is not a soft curtain, but a fast rolling door with a hard curtain such as a hard fast rolling door and aluminum alloy fast rolling door? Individual manufacturers will be equipped with safety devices to once again improve safety and eliminate customers’ inner worries.

SEPPES Door Industry full series of fast rolling doors are equipped with safety infrared anti-pinch protection devices as standard, and can also be equipped with safety light curtains or safety bottom edges to protect safety in all aspects. The fast rolling doors of Seppes Doors not only have stable safety performance, but also ingenious in other aspects. Imported brand PVC high-strength base fabric curtains are wear-resistant and tear-resistant, and have a longer service life; German brand control system, servo high-precision drive unit, Stable and accurate opening and closing control; Innovative man-machine interface design, full operation visualization, real-time display of running status, convenient for customers to operate and use; Fully automated laser cutting process, imported plastic powder spraying, brings a beautiful and atmospheric door frame, which is beautiful and durable; The whole door is assembled in combination, the curtain is disassembled in pieces, and the four-sided air-tight structure provides a better effect of fast partitioning.

SEPPES Door Industry is a manufacturer of fast rolling doors and one of the top ten fast rolling door manufacturers. It has more than 2000 customers and is a supplier to more than 60 Fortune 500 companies. The project cases are all over the country, and the products are also exported to In more than 20 countries including Mexico and Canada, SEPPES Door Industry provides more high-quality industrial door products for factories.

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