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In the automobile manufacturing industry, automobile production is divided into many processes and workshops, such as stamping, welding, painting, final assembly, testing, etc. In order to ensure the independent safety and cleanliness of the automobile workshop, automatic fast rolling doors will be selected. The automatic high speed door has excellent sealing performance, improved work efficiency, and safety protection. These advantages can meet the production needs of automobiles. Let me tell you the advantages of the automatic high speed door in detail.

automatic high speed door
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The Benefits of Automatic High Speed Door

Sealed and Dustproof

The track is equipped with double-row deck-type sealing brushes, which form a four-sided airtight structure with the integrated door head sealing box. When it is closed, it can seal the gap of the guide rail, prevent dust and mosquitoes from entering the workshop. And meet the hygienic and clean requirements of the painting and welding workshop for the production environment.

High efficiency

The fast rolling door equips with a special servo control system, and the opening speed can reach 2m/s. So that, it can precisely control the opening to ensure the stable operation of the fast rolling door, fast and efficient. It can reduce the waiting time for personnel to enter and exit, and improve work efficiency.


An expansion port reserves to facilitate expansion and interconnection with automation equipment or remote control. Also it has the function of slow start and slow stop.


The standard safety photoelectric protection device triggers a rebound, which can protect the safety of people or objects in time. In addition,he bottom edge of the airbag and the light curtain can also be selected to enhance safety protection.

automatic high speed door

The fast rolling door has powerful functions and a wide range of applications. It is suitable for the rapid development of the automobile industry and meets the needs of the automobile production environment. If you want to ensure production safety and production environment, you can find professional industrial door manufacturer SEPPES. SEPPES has a number of product core technologies and has passed the EU CE and international authoritative organization SGS certification, and has relevant project experience in Foton Motor, Geely Automobile, etc. The automatic high speed door is a product worthy of choice. It can improve efficiency, keep clean and secure. In fact, it can ensure stable production in the workshop without worrying about product quality being affected.

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