In many places, fast rolling doors and air curtains exist as partners. The common features of these two products are: temperature insulation, dust prevention, and insect prevention, but the principles are quite different. Seppes can control the opening and closing state of the air curtain when the fast rolling door is running, so as to cooperate with each other to keep the workshop in a constant temperature and clean state, and it can also save energy consumption.

The picture below is a real shot of the use case of Seppes fast rolling door and air curtain linkage switch

Through the advantages of automatic induction switch and fast and frequent operation, the fast rolling door has a partition effect in the logistics channel, avoiding the loss of indoor temperature, and also blocking the entry of external dust and mosquitoes, while not delaying the frequent entry and exit of forklifts and personnel every day. The air curtain is driven by a high-speed motor to drive the powerful airflow generated by the through-flow or centrifugal wind wheel to form an invisible door curtain. The air curtain can separate the indoor and outdoor air to prevent the exchange of hot and cold air between indoor and outdoor, and has the functions of dustproof, pollution-proof and mosquito-proof.

If only the air curtain is used in the logistics channel, and the air curtain is only used for continuous blowing, one is very power consumption, and the other is that the invisible air curtain has a limited temperature and dust prevention effect. The use of fast rolling doors, temperature and dust prevention is naturally very good, but when the forklift personnel enter and exit, the door is in the open state, it will not be effective. Therefore, the two are used together. When someone passes through the passage and the fast rolling door is open, the air curtain starts to blow; when the fast rolling door is closed, the air curtain closes. The opening and closing of the air curtain is controlled by the fast rolling door, which saves the power to the maximum and also has the best dust-proof effect.

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