industrial sectional door

Industrial lift door panels are filled with high-density polyurethane foam with double-layer steel plates. For larger door openings, door-in-doors can also be opened on the door panels, which is suitable for workers to pass by themselves without opening the entire door. Seppes Door Industry has made corresponding safety devices in opening the small door and the gate, that is, when the small door is in the open state, the gate cannot be opened, which ensures the barrier-free use when the door is opened upward. At the same time, the door body is sealed with rubber strips to prevent wind and sand from entering the room during use, effectively maintaining the cleanliness of the indoor environment.

Insulation industrial lifting door parameters:

  1. Door panel material: The exterior is made of 0.4mm thick color steel plate die-casting, and the interior is filled with 40mm thick polyurethane foam material. At the same time, it cooperates with the polypropylene rubber between the door panels to have an efficient heat preservation and sealing effect.
  2. Safety device: The bottom airbag can be installed, the door bottom will automatically rebound and rise when it touches an obstacle. At the same time, it has a wire rope anti-breaking device. The wire rope technology will break, and the door will not fall suddenly. It has a locking function to ensure people below. Safety.
  3. Small access door: A small access door can be opened in the middle of the industrial lift door. The main function of the small door is to facilitate the passage for pedestrians to enter and exit frequently.
  4. Opening methods are divided into: remote control and buttons, daylighting windows and pedestrian access doors can be made according to the actual situation on site.
  5. Industrial motor: use imported brand special motor for industrial doors, with long service life and stable operation.
    Seppes Door Industry Cooperative Client:
    Sanfangxiang Jiangsu Xingye Juhua Co., Ltd.
    Jiangsu Zhonglifang Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Ruyi Co., Ltd.
    Suzhou Fangzheng Printing Co., Ltd.
    Haicheng Bangda International Logistics Co., Ltd.

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