Recently, an Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. in Nantong installed our SEPPES door industry hard fast rolling door at the automatic garage. The turbo hard fast rolling door is often installed in high-end garages. Due to its fast characteristics and multiple openings Structure, intelligent linkage system, sensing the door to open when the vehicle arrives, set the automatic door closing time after the vehicle enters, without manual closing, the whole process is automated, convenient and fast, more features of hard fast rolling door:

Insulation: Thicken the door panel, built-in high-density polyurethane foam.

Airtightness: Four-layer sealing structure technology, airtightness is international level 3, and watertightness is international level 6.

Wind resistance: high-strength door panels, wind resistance up to 32m/s (level 12)

Safety: Standard safety infrared anti-pinch protection device is equipped to improve safety.

Fast: 1.2-2.35m/s, adjustable.

Part of the customers that the hard fast rolling door manufacturer SEPPES Door Industry cooperates with the world’s top 500:

   Jiangsu Fresenius Medical Products Co., Ltd.

   Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd.

   Cargill Investment (China) Co., Ltd.

   PPG Paint (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

   ProLogis Logistics Park

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