The hard fast door is the most economical choice for the busy exit of the factory. This can achieve a dual purpose: to prevent the intrusion of outsiders, but also to resist weather changes. According to your different needs, the company can provide a variety of door styles. A variety of door curtain accessories that have been patented can be adapted to the installation requirements of different doors. The rigid fast door has the characteristics of high speed, safety and beauty. It is an innovation in the field of industrial door technology.

The surface of the hard fast door body is very smooth, and all moving parts are designed in strict accordance with European safety standards (DINEN12604). The high-speed drive motor is controlled by a frequency converter and a microprocessor. If the power fails, the door can be opened manually. If the installation conditions are limited, we can also provide low-hanging beam rolling doors, which are often used at the entrances and exits of three-dimensional parking garages.

hard fast door has the advantages of high reliability, practicality, durability, easy operation, low maintenance cost and low noise. In industrial applications, normal trouble-free actions can reach more than 150,000 times per year. The door slats have a double-layer structure, which can resist strong winds, storms and heavy snow. In addition, there is no direct connection between the slats. Their two ends are screwed together with the steel belt that can be wound. The slats are connected by sealing rubber strips, which can save space and ensure that the curtain is permanently unavailable. It is deformed, and the replacement of the slats is also very simple and quick.

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