Industrial Sectional Door


Industrial sectional doors are also called sliding doors, sliding rail doors, etc. The material of the door body is made of color steel plates sandwiched by high-density polyurethane foam materials for thermal insulation. Industrial lift doors are generally opened about 8-10 times daily, and the sides of the door are sealed with EPDM rubber strips, which have a better sealing effect. They are generally used in fire-fighting vehicle passages and automobile manufacturers. It has the functions of anti-theft, wind pressure resistance, linkage and interlocking.

The structure of industrial hoisting doors is different from that of fast doors. Industrial hoisting doors are generally installed in places with relatively large door openings. The structure includes galvanized sheet rails, nylon pulleys, and Dacromet technology button springs. Different industrial sectional doors, industrial sectional door manufacturers need to consider more factors.

Therefore, the manufacturer of industrial sectional doors has added four more protection devices to the safety protection system

Four security systems

  • Bottom airbag device
  • Torsion spring anti-fracture device
  • Wire rope anti-drop device
  • Track end buffer equipment

Of course, you can also choose to be equipped with infrared safety protection devices.

Four installation methods

  • Vertical lifting method
  • Improve lifting method
  • Standard lifting  method
  • Low lifting method

In terms of safety performance, Suzhou industrial sectional door manufacturers have considered very well. Considering the usability of the product, Seppes Door Industry promises a one-year warranty. For more needs or suggestions, you can call Seppes Door Industry.



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