Product name: clean room fast rolling door, clean room isolation door, etc.

Company brand image: SEPPES Door Industry is a high-end industrial door brand. Because of its excellent product quality and timely after-sales service, it has obtained a large number of high-quality customers and long-term cooperative customers. It has signed long-term strategic relationships with many Fortune 500 companies.
SEPPES Door Industry is also a domestic high-tech product company integrating R&D, production and sales, including the R&D and production of fast door integrated chips, and the centralized production of fast rolling door frame, all of which are produced and sold under strict European standard control. Each gate has a special quality inspector to test, and only after passing the test can it be put into use.
SEPPES Door Industry has professional installation masters who install fast rolling doors, and their working experience can reach up to 10 years. All of them are good technical talents with sufficient installation experience. Non-standard products half look at quality and half look at installation.

The technical parameters of the clean room fast rolling door:
1. Sealing performance: The bottom end is equipped with elastic PVC air-proof cloth or airbag, which can keep tightly integrated with various uneven ground. The doorpost seal adopts double-layer brushes to better increase its sealing performance and noise reduction effect.
2. Drive motor: Installed with German imported Philip, high-end industrial door motor, with long service life, up to 150,000 working cycles, and almost no maintenance at ordinary times.
3. Door curtain material: Serang purchases the door curtain imported from France SIOEN, the maximum thickness can reach 1.3mm, and the color can be selected. Has the characteristics of super strength.
4. Control mode: A variety of manual or automatic system controls are provided to meet the requirements of various on-site door opening or closing methods to meet the different requirements of the production site.
The main switching methods are: manual button switch, manual rope switch, remote control switch, geomagnetic induction switch, radar induction switch, etc.

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