Chip processing plants have a pivotal position in the world. The Samsung factory in South Korea is very famous all over the world, so how does the chip processing factory in South Korea work? What are their requirements for the working environment.Let’s talk about the Korea’s chip clean room use high speed door.

white high speed door

First of all, for the chip processing plant, a clean room or clean room must be established inside the plant, so that it can reduce the pollution of the chip and ensure the high cleanliness of the product. When the clean room or clean room is installed in the chip factory, it is very important to install pvc soft high-speed doors.

blue high speed door

The pvc high-speed door is a lightweight and highly frequently used industrial rolling door, which can be applied to many industries in the industry, especially in areas where the cleanliness level of the plant is very high. Installing a rolling shutter type fast door can not only save costs and shorten the efficiency time, but it is also very simple to install in any area of ​​the plant. In general, the basic installation of a gate can be completed in three steps. More than 10 high-speed doors do not need to spend more than 2 days. In the chip processing plant, it is very important and the chip processing plant must match.

zipper high speed door

South Korea’s development in recent years is also relatively good. The internal environment of the factory is completely installed with Japanese, German, European and American standards. At the same time, South Korea is very close to China, and trade with China in recent years is very frequent and convenient. It is very easy to use high-speed doors produced by China’s SEPPES. The high-speed door for sea transportation can arrive in Korea within 1-3 working days. Therefore, the clean room of the Korean chip processing plant will definitely choose the SEPPES fast door.

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