The production clean workshops of different industries also have different requirements. In order to better meet the production needs, the clean workshops have been tested for dust concentration and divided into: class 100, class 1,000, class 10,000, class 100,000 and class million, the highest The level is Hundred. The new GMP levels are: A, B, C, D. Level A corresponds to the dynamic Hundred. So what cleanliness level can the fast roll up door used in the workshop achieve?

Fast roll up doors have become standard partition doors in clean workshops. In order to meet the dust-proof effect of different cleanliness, manufacturers of fast roll up doors have designed different styles of fast rolling doors, such as brush type fast rolling doors and zipper type fast roll up doors. The brush fast roll up door can meet the needs of conventional clean workshops (million class); the sealing effect of the zipper fast roll up door is better, so it can be used in more demanding environments.

If you don’t know which fast roll up door to choose in the workshop, you can contact the fast rolling door manufacturer for consultation. All industrial door products of SEPPES Door Industry are non-standard customized. We can provide you with detailed information according to actual needs and on-site environment. Program.

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