Cleanroom fast doors are use in places with high environmental requirements. As we all know, the food industry has very high requirements for cleanliness. However, due to the dust bacteria outside the production workshop. These harmful substances enter the factory and cause food spoilage or food contamination.

clean room high speed door

Therefore, a clean room quick door need to keep the internal environment and the external environment separated. The door frame of the high speed door is equip with a zipper structure.which forms a four-sided airtight structure with the U-shaped bottom edge and the integrated door head sealing box, and the fast partition effect is very good. The door box is curveing, which reduces the adhesion of dust. The door box and the door body are made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant.

clean room high speed door

Therefore, for places and production workshops with high environmental requirements, clean room fast doors can install. The best company in China to produce clean room high speed doors is seppes.

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