With the wide use of rapid roller doors in industry and commerce, long-term high-frequency use will inevitably lead to some technical failures of the door will occur. Today, let us talk about the common faults and maintenance methods of rapid roller doors encountered in daily use.

Common faults of the rapid roller doors

1.The fast rolling shutter door can not work normally, can not start.

The reason for this is that the wiring in the motor may be aged and short-circuited. It is also possible that the belt between the motor and the rolling shutter door falls off and can’t transmit power. The rapid rolling shutter door is stuck by debris and can not be raised and lowered. Finally it is possible that the control switch of the motor is faulty and can not transmit the signal normally.

2.There is a collision sound coming out when the door is closed inward.

The reason is the speed of closing the fast rolling door is too fast or the motor itself is faulty.

3.The switching speed is too slow, often need to wait a long time.

The reason is the voltage in the motor is abnormal or the belt connected in the middle of the motor and the rapid shutter door is loose, or the movable door rubs against the fixed door and the floor.

4.The rapid roller doors shake when opening and closing, and there is a shrill sound.

 The reason is that there is debris in the moving track of the rolling shutter door which hinders the movement of the pulley.

5.The rapid rolling door opens or closes by itself when there is no control.

the reason is that the control sensor is faulty. Or the sensor is interfered by other objects and can not receive commands normally.

Methods of rapid roller doors repair

1.When the fast rolling door can not start or start slowly, first check whether the motor can work normally. Then check whether there is any jamming in the mechanical parts. The pulley and driver shall add lubricant at least once a year. The transmission belt shall be checked once a year. The wear and tear of each part shall be checked regularly.

2. When the controller failure occurs in the rapid rolling door, you should first replace the power contactor, and then replace the driving gear, when the motor vibration frequency is too large, too much noise, first check whether the bearing is aging, and then check whether the pulley needs to add lubricant, check the motor.

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