If you need to customize the fast rolling door, we first need to find the fast rolling door manufacturer, and then provide the size of the door opening and the use requirements, let the manufacturer make a quotation, and compare the price and select the material before placing an order for production. However, there are also some points that need to be paid attention to. The following SEPPES fast rolling door manufacturers will explain to you.

  1. Size: The first is the measurement of the door opening size. The width and height of the door can provide clear width and clear height, but it should be noted that the measurement must be accurate. Because the width of the fast door is more accurate than other doors, the error is small , It can be installed in the door frame correctly. If the size provided is not accurate, it will not only affect price changes, but also affect the normal use of the door. Therefore, it can be confirmed by measuring several times.
  2. Model: Customer-made fast rolling doors, in addition to the size of the door, you must also pay attention to the model. The choice of the fast door is very important. Only by choosing the right fast rolling door can it be reasonably used in practice. If the wrong model is selected, it may not be able to meet the actual requirements.
  3. the material is also something that needs to be confirmed for customization. The use value and service life of fast rolling doors made of different materials are also different. When customizing, the user must specify with the manufacturer what kind of material to choose to ensure that the fast rolling door produced is of high quality and has a long service life.

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