In order to realize the aseptic and dust-free production of various food and drug manufacturers, high speed door can provide factory with safety construction guarantees, so that the sterile purification workshop can maximize its functions.

The conventional features of SEPPES stainless steel fast doors for food workshop include:

  • Sealing performance and safety device: The door body is sealed with a brush, which increases the sealing performance and can effectively reduce the noise. Infrared photoelectric protection (Omron) comes standard, and safety bottom and light curtain are optional.
  • Power performance: The motor adopts a servo motor, and the power supply is 220V or 380V optional.
  • Wind resistance performance: This type of product is suitable for the internal storage and isolation area of precision workshops, and can also be used in occasions with large external wind pressure or negative pressure. The wind resistance level is level 6.
  • Opening method: Standard configuration is a double-sided manual button, or an automatic control method can be selected according to customer needs (radar, drawstring, geomagnetic, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • SS304 Frame:Stainless steel material can also prevent rust, suitable for workshops with higher protection levels.

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