In many factories, it is indispensable to carry cargo logistics loading and unloading systems. In order to increase the efficiency of cargo handling, many factories have added loading and unloading platforms, industrial lift doors, industrial machinery door seals and so on. Let’s see how these can improve work efficiency!

logistical channel

The logistics entrance and exit combination doors include industrial lift doors and fast rolling shutter doors, which have the functions of strong insulation and frequent and rapid isolation. The two complement each other and complement each other’s shortcomings. The fast door is a curtain made of flexible pvc material, and the lift door is a door panel with strong color steel plate. The two can avoid each other’s shortcomings and give play to their own advantages. Industrial lifting doors are installed on the outside of outdoor gates. The door panels are made of color steel plates, and the rigid texture plays a role of anti-theft. Because the opening methods of industrial lifting doors are different, the lifting door needs to be opened by the rotation of the torsion spring. Therefore, the average number of opening times of industrial lifting doors per day is about 20 times, and it should not be opened frequently. When the fast rolling door is installed inside the outdoor door, the short board of the industrial lifting door can be well replaced. The fast rolling door can be opened 500-800 times a day, and the opening speed is faster than the industrial lifting door. In this way, the lifting door is normally open during work, and personnel enter and exit through the opening and closing of the fast door. When resting at night, after closing the two doors, the lifting door can play a good anti-theft effect, and the staff can go home safely. The two are linked to each other, even if people and vehicles are in and out of the complex, there will be no congestion and blockage, which can smoothly carry out cargo and improve transportation efficiency.

In addition, in logistics centers or logistics parks, fixed unloading platforms and mechanical door seals are particularly used. Fixed unloading platforms are mainly used for warehouses, logistics outlets, and connected to trucks and trucks. Although the bridge looks very simple, its structure needs very strong firmness and very stable product performance. Because the forklift needs to be driven into the truck frequently during operation, the logistics loading and unloading can guarantee safety at all times, usually depends on Unloading platform. The role of the unloading platform: 1. The practicability of the fixed unloading platform is that it simply and effectively solves the height difference between the loading and unloading platform and the truck. Traditional loading and unloading requires a lot of manual handling, and hydraulic equipment is not used at all, causing huge waste. 2. The unloading platform can realize safe and fast loading and unloading of goods. It can not only reduce your labor intensity, but also double the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, speed up material circulation, and obtain greater economic benefits. 3. The unloading platform can not only improve the hardware facilities of the factory’s outbound port, improve the shipping efficiency and the factory image, but also reflect the modernization of the factory. 4. The specifications of the product are 6, 8, 10 tons, and used with forklifts. The equipment adopts manual hydraulic mode, without power supply, which saves time and effort.

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