industrial sectional door

The flap lift door is another name for the industrial lift door, because the door panel is composed of a square flap, and the middle is connected by a rubber strip. The advantage of this kind of door panel is that it is convenient to repair, and only the corresponding door panel needs to be replaced when it is damaged, which saves costs and saves environmental protection.

Industrial Sectional Door

SEPPES door industry flap lift doors are often used in various workshops and workshops, with a wide range of applications, such as: electronic workshops, printing workshops, mechanical workshops, logistics storage, cold storage institutions, large wind-resistant tunnels and other occasions.

The flap lift door is not only sturdy and durable, but also has the characteristics of heat preservation, wind resistance, cold resistance and dust resistance. And its lifting method is very unique, including standard lifting, vertical lifting, and lifting lifting methods. After the door is opened, the door panel rises to the top of the door opening, which will not occupy extra space, and the requirements for the door opening are not high.

In addition, the flap lift door of SEPPES Door Industry also has the function of upper and lower limit, which is more suitable for occasions where people and cars enter and exit frequently. When people pass, the door is half open; when a car passes, the door is fully open. This way can save a lot of resources. It is also another embodiment of energy saving and environmental protection.

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