The equipment-protected high-speed door is a new type of factory PVC rolling door from SEPPES, which is mainly installed in the equipment room. The production room plays a role in personnel safety and equipment protection.

protection high speed door

This protective high-speed door can be an ordinary industrial roller shutter fast door, or it can be customized using other material door frames and curtains. As shown in the figure, this transparent pvc high-speed rolling door is applied to the equipment, the size is 1×1.5m, and the curtain has good light transmittance. The more commonly used SEPPES high-speed door, the curtain is fully transparent, and the internal operation of the equipment can be clearly seen , So as to play a very good protective role.

seppes high speed door

Regarding this protective fast door, SEPPES has also carefully considered for customers. MINI’s switch button design not only saves the installation space of the switch, but also greatly brings convenience to the factory staff. For this high-safety-guaranteed protective rolling shutter high-speed door, not only the door can play a very good protective role, but also the bottom side airbag is added to the door design scheme, which fully reflects the workshop produced by SEPPES. High-speed doors have good protection and safety effects.

transparent high speed door

Compared with the aluminum alloy door frame, 2.0mm thick curtain, and protective rolling door with safety light curtain, which are often liked in Europe and the United States, I recommend this protective high-speed rolling PVC door of SEPPES on the way. It is not only cost-effective, but also low in maintenance costs. If your factory equipment needs to use doors, you may wish to choose SEPPES protective high-speed doors first.

More manufacturing experience, there will be better technology and high-quality products.Choose SEPPES high speed door, you will definitely feel high-quality service and perfect after-sales system.

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