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From the perspective of objective conditions, chemical workshops are special workshops that meet explosive environments. When the mixed concentration of explosive substances and oxygen is within the explosive limit range. If there is an explosive source, an explosion will occur, so it is necessary to take explosion protection. In order to prevent explosive situations in chemical workshops, to ensure that there will be no hidden dangers of explosions, and that they will not be harmed by explosive shock waves. When choosing a door type, try to avoid choosing a door that will generate friction, sparks, and static electricity. The birth of the explosion-proof PVC fast shutter door is to solve the explosive environment of the chemical factory.

explosion-proof PVC fast shutter door

Advantages of PVC explosion-proof fast doors in chemical workshops

Good explosion-proof performance

It is equipped with a full range of explosion-proof accessories such as special brand explosion-proof fast motors, explosion-proof safety photoelectric, explosion-proof line tubes, etc. Moreover, the door curtain is made of anti-static PVC material and a special anti-static horsehair sealing brush, which is safer and assists in explosion-proof performance. Effectively reduce the possibility that weak static sparks may cause rapid fires and strong explosions.

Isolate pollution

PVC high speed door can be quickly partitioned. Prevent the dust in the external air from entering and reduce the pollution caused by air convection.

High efficiency

The servo intelligent control system is adopted to control the opening and closing of the door curtain quickly, and the failure rate is low, and the operation is more stable. Reduce the waiting time for personnel and materials to enter and exit, and greatly improve work efficiency.

explosion-proof PVC fast shutter door

Explosion-proof PVC fast shutter door is an excellent choice for chemical workshops. It has the advantages of excellent explosion-proof, pollution isolation and high efficiency. Due to the special environment of chemical plants, they are definitely different from our usual factory doors. When choosing the right door for your workshop, be sure to ask the manufacturer for configurations, and choose high-speed doors with explosion-proof fittings. For example, SEPPES is a professional industrial door enterprise, and its products all have EU CE certificates. With explosion-proof high-speed doors, you can meet the production needs. While ensuring the safety of the workshop without worrying about explosive situations.

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