Industrial Sectional Door

Recently, a colleague from the Foreign Trade Department of SEPPES Door Industry received an inquiry from Chile. A Chilean customer wanted to install a industrial sectional door in an airport garage. According to the scene pictures, the customer wanted to remodel. Previously, the customer installed a steel rolling door. The customer reported that the rolling door was severely worn within a few years, and the opening and closing of the door was noisy, and the door body was also found to be severely corroded. Therefore, we recommend lifting doors to our customers.

There are three reasons why we recommend lifting doors to customers

  • Sectional door is a kind of industrial door, the sales volume is second only to fast door, not only suitable for installation indoors, but also suitable for outdoor installation.
  • The door panel of the sectional door will not be corroded. Its door panel material is color steel plate baking varnish, and the interior is filled with high-density polyurethane foam, which has good thermal insulation performance, which can prevent the door body from being corroded; and hardware components It is also treated, tough and wear-resistant.
  • The sectional door switch will not make a lot of noise. The motor of the lifting door uses the German imported Philip brand, which runs smoothly without noise.
  • The service life of the lifting door is also very long, and it can run for about 10 years under normal use.

In addition, the size of airport garages is very large, suitable for installing lift doors. We can provide solutions based on site conditions and customize them according to customer requirements. The hoisting method of the hoisting door has standard promotion, promotion promotion, and turning promotion to choose from.

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